Back to school posture

Teaching kids to not slouch and sit up straight can be hard to correct. They’re back in class, which means their backpacks might be too heavy or their seats are causing some back pain. That’s where chiropractors can come in handy, teaching kids proper posture to keep them pain-free year-long.


Backpacks may play a bigger role in your child’s posture than you think. There are a few things to think about before you buy that cool Paw Patrol bag.

  • Make sure the straps aren’t too loose and the bag fits snuggly against their bodies.
  • Material can make a big difference in the bag. Try sticking to vinyl or canvas.
  • Heavy books or materials should be as close to the back as possible.
  • The backpack’s weight should not exceed 10% of your child’s body weight.

Good Studying Posture

Train your child to focus on their posture, while they study. Sitting in the classroom can be detrimental to your child’s posture. Walking tall and sitting up straight can help with posture.

Visiting a chiropractor is important for your student’s success, too. Chiropractors can teach your blossoming student stretching techniques for when they wake up in the morning, offer nutritional counseling to help with medical functionality, and even acupuncture to alleviate chronic neck pain, migraines, digestive issues and so much more.

Steps to better posture

There are three critical steps to better posture. First practice imagery. It’s easy to think of a straight line passing through your body from your feet to the top of your head. Now, imagine the top of that string pulling you upward, making you taller.

Secondly, squeeze your shoulder blades while you sit up straight in a chair. Keep your shoulders down to the same level as your chin. Slowly rotate your shoulders back and squeeze the blades together. Hold it for five seconds. Repeat the movement three to four times.

Finally, stretch your arm across your chest. This is easy. Just raise your right arm to shoulder level in front of you. Grab your right elbow, and keep that arm parallel to the floor, pulling it across your chest until you feel the stretch in your upper arm and right shoulder. Hold it for 20 seconds, and then repeat with your other arm.