Benefits of Cold Showers

Most people consider a warm shower to be relaxing after a long day, but it turns out that cold showers can be more beneficial. Turn the water temperature down and let your body relax and experience various other benefits. Our team at Wisniewski, an Omaha Chiropractor near you, wants to break down why you can benefit from cold showers and how dropping the temperature of your shower can improve your day-to-day life.

What does a cold shower do?

To see the benefits of a cold shower the water temperature should be below 70 degrees. Cold showers aren’t a cure, but they can help aid your body in the recovery process. 

Increased Endorphins

An at-home method to keep your anxiety and depression at bay while at home is by taking a cold shower. When you take a cold shower for five minutes a couple of times a week it can work as electroshock therapy. When you are immersed in the cold water your body and nervous system are shocked awake by the cold and your alertness and energy levels are increased. Endorphins are released which leads you to feel happy and more optimistic.

Improved Metabolism 

Taking cold showers helps activate brown fat which is a good fat in the body. This type of body fat is used to insulate our body against the cold and it speeds up when exposed to the cold.

Better Circulation

A warm shower may be more comfortable to submerge yourself in, but cold showers make your body work harder to fight to maintain its core temperature. Incorporating cold showers into your regular routine can show many benefits, such as improved skin. Improved circulation can also help with healing after an injury. The cold water helps with inflammation and bruising experienced when a muscle is torn; by using cold water therapy your overall body temperature drops and recovery time is increased. Blood circulated through the body quickly and moved fresh oxygenated blood to the injured area.

Fight Off Illness

Taking a cold shower can also help your body be more prepared to fight off infections that threaten the body. Cold water shocks the bloodstream, which gets your body ready to fight off illnesses such as the common cold and the flu. 

Cons of Cold Showers

Avoid cold showers if you are sick or are starting to feel sick. Your body needs to stay warm to get over the sickness, and submerging your body in cold water can make it hard for your body to warm up and fight off an illness. If you’re already cold, avoid taking a cold shower, you need to allow your body to warm up before you decrease your body temperature even more.

Benefits of a Cold Shower

Mixing up your shower routine by dropping the temperature can also calm itchy skin, wake you up and help your hair and skin appear more glowy. As well as having health benefits, it can help with your physical appearance. When debating whether or not to implement this into your daily or weekly routine, make sure to keep these benefits in mind.

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