How peanut butter can help your health

Peanut butter, you either love it or hate it. For any peanut butter lovers out there, you can probably remember enjoying a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich throughout your childhood. As a child, it probably never occurred to think about all the benefits it contained. The month of November is National Peanut Butter Lovers month. What better way of celebrating everyone who loves peanut butter than by sharing some of the great health benefits it brings. Consuming peanut butter can do so much more for you than just filling you up. Peanut butter can give you energy, help prevent diseases, keep your bones healthy and more.

History of peanut butter

It is a widespread belief that George Washington Carver was the inventor of peanut butter.  On the contrary, peanut butter originated from the Incas and Aztec. These ancient cultures started to roast and crush the peanuts into a paste that they would consume with their daily meals. The peanut butter you consume nowadays was created by three inventors: Marcellus Gilmore Edson, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and Dr. Ambrose Staub. Today you can find a peanut butter jar in about every household in America. To be exact, 94 percent of households in America have peanut butter.

The benefits of peanut butter.

It boosts energy.

Skip the cup of coffee and include a peanut butter toast to start your day. Peanut butter can give you a boost of energy that will last you all day. It has nutritious fats that will increase your strength throughout the day. Specialists recommend consuming peanut butter in the morning or lunch to get the energy you need to keep you going throughout the day.

It can lower your chances of developing diabetes.

Eating a little bit of peanut butter every day can help you lower your chances of developing diabetes. In a Harvard study, researchers discovered that women who regularly consumed nuts and peanut butter were less likely to develop type two diabetes than the women who did not eat it. The more peanut butter they ate, the lower their chances.

It keeps your bones healthy.

Peanut butter has not only the protein you need, but it’s also packed with magnesium. Magnesium is beneficial because it strengthens and firms your bones. Adding magnesium to your daily meals will keep your bones and teeth healthy.

It can help your immune system.

The flu season is here what better way to protect your family from getting sick than by eating peanut butter. Yes, you heard that right. Peanut butter is filled with rich nutrients like vitamin E and antioxidants that will have your immune system staying strong. Adding a couple of scoops of peanut butter to your toast or smoothie will keep your immune system working at top speed.

This month we challenge you to eat little more peanut butter. It doesn’t have to be anything big just a simple snack.  If you would like more information on healthy eating, contact your local nutritionist. At Wisniewski Chiropractic, we have nutritional counseling to help you make the adequate lifestyle changes to live a healthy life!

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