Importance of rest days

Implementing a healthy workout routine is a great way to live a healthy lifestyle! There aren’t very many cons to living a healthy and active lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean your body doesn’t need or deserve a break. Rest days are needed so your body has time to recover so the next time you work out you come back better and stronger than ever. Find out why rest days are important to implement into your active lifestyle.

What are rest days

Exercise is important, but so is taking care of your body. Rest days are when you take a break from your normal fitness routine and allow your body to recover and repair. No matter your fitness activity or routine, not partaking in rest days can lead to injury or burnout.

Why rest days are important

Recovery time

During a rest day is when muscle growth and repair happen. When you work out microscopic tears in your muscles are formed and when you rest cells called fibroblasts repair them. This process isn’t fast and can take time, which is why rest days are so important. 

Prevents fatigue

When you exercise you decrease the amount of glycogen in your muscles. Glycogen is needed in order for your muscles to function, even in day-to-day activities. If this isn’t restored then muscle fatigue and soreness can be experienced. 

Reduces injury

It is possible to overwork your body when working out continuously. Whether you’re lifting weights or doing cardio your muscles are performing repetitive movements which can cause strain and stress. When rest days are implemented risk of injury is reduced.

Enhanced performance

Not getting enough sleep or rest can cause a lack of motivation and poor performance. Pushing yourself to do that extra rep or lap can cause overtraining with can decrease your performance. If reduced endurance and slow reaction times are experienced, a rest day might be needed. 

Improves sleep

Exercise can help improve your sleep, but so can rest days. Hormones like cortisol which is an energy-boosting hormone are increased with exercise. With continuous exercise, it is possible to overproduce these hormones which can worsen fatigue

How to take a rest day


On days that you aren’t partaking in your regular exercise routine, your body won’t need to intake as many calories as normal. You don’t need to count calories to achieve this goal, just listen to your body and if you’re hungry consume more calories. 

Low-impact workouts

Stay active while recuperating with low-impact workouts. These allow you to move your body and not worry about putting excess stress on your body. Examples of these workouts include:





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