Nutritional benefits of pumpkins

Some of the most popular fall festivities are carving pumpkins and indulging in pumpkin-themed foods! Not only are pumpkins festive for this time of year, they are also nutritious if consumed the right way. Find out how to incorporate pumpkin into your diet, what types of pumpkins there are and what positive impact consuming pumpkin can have on your lifestyle. Schedule an appointment with Wisniewski chiropractic for nutritional counseling in Omaha NE.

What is a pumpkin?

Believe it or not, a pumpkin is technically a fruit. This is due to it being a product of a flowering plant and having seeds. Pumpkins are able to be sweet or savory, so it can be hard to decipher how to incorporate them into your diet. Most tend to place pumpkins in the vegetable category since some types of pumpkins tend to be on the savory side. It is important to note that vegetables are the flowers, bulbs, leaves and stems of a plant that won’t have seeds. Although pumpkins are a variety of squash, they still qualify as a fruit.

Nutritional and health benefits

Other than providing a nice pop of color and being a go-to fall decoration, pumpkins also have great nutritional and health benefits. They contain beta carotene, which serves as an antioxidant in addition to giving them their vibrant orange coloring as well. When consumed, beta-carotene is a source of vitamin A. The benefits of beta carotene include:

  • Reduced risk of developing certain cancers
  • Protection against asthma and heart disease
  • Decreased chance of age-related macular degeneration
  • Helps the body fight diseases
  • Strengthened intestinal lining
  • Strengthened immune cells
  • Helps the retina absorb light

Pumpkins are also very rich in fiber, potassium and vitamin C, which helps support heart health. A majority of a pumpkin’s health benefits stem from it having a low sugar content and being high in fiber. 

How to eat a pumpkin

If you love everything pumpkin and want more than just a pumpkin spice latte to fulfill your pumpkin needs, you’re in luck! There are many other ways to enjoy pumpkins as part of a snack or meal. Not only is incorporating pumpkin into everyday recipes tasty, it can also be healthy for you. Incorporate pumpkin into savory recipes by using it as a filling for ravioli or as a base for a creamy curry. If you have a sweet tooth, make a pumpkin cheesecake or pumpkin pancakes!

Nutritional counseling Omaha NE

Pumpkins are so much more than fall decor. Incorporate them into your diet and boost your health! Wisniewski Chiropractic offers nutritional counseling in Omaha NE. Schedule an appointment at Wisniewski Chiropractic, your favorite Chiropractor in Omaha, NE! Contact us today to book your appointment.