Shoulder mobility exercises

If your shoulder muscles are tight or stiff it might be time to work on shoulder mobility. Implementing shoulder mobility exercises into workouts or everyday life is a good way to prevent injury and improve flexibility. Next time you hit the gym or partake in any physical activity, stretch and do these shoulder mobility exercises to build strength and improve overall functionality. If your shoulder discomfort continues schedule an appointment at a chiropractor in Elkhorn, NE near you.

Why shoulder mobility is important

Experiencing tightness in the shoulders is an uncomfortable feeling. The less mobility you have, the higher risk you have for injuries, less flexibility and limited range of motion

Less risk of injury

Even the simplest of tasks can be affected by limited shoulder mobility. Tightness and sharp pain while doing any shoulder movement isn’t normal and can be a sign of potential injury. Forcing a muscle to perform a movement can cause excess strain and stretch them beyond their capability. 

More flexibility

Accomplishing a full range of motion makes shoulder flexibility more achievable. Increasing flexibility is important to lessen wear and tear on the shoulder joints and muscles. Being able to reach overhead without any pain is an indicator of healthy shoulders.

Full range of motion

Your ability to perform exercises or day-to-day tasks is dependent on the range of motion. Your shoulder has the most range of motion out of any other joint in the body. The shoulder is responsible for many biomechanical movements which is why it’s so important to maintain your range of motion in your shoulder through proper stretches, exercises and chiropractic care.  

Common types of shoulder injuries

Shoulder activity injuries can happen due to overuse or inactivity. Some common types of shoulder injuries include shoulder impingement, rotator cuff tears and frozen shoulder. The shoulder can perform a variety of movements and is one of the most mobile joints. This can cause the shoulder to be susceptible to injuries if not taken care of properly.

Shoulder mobility exercises 

Take advantage of these exercises by implementing them in your daily life or workout routine. Stronger shoulders are less prone to injuries and make completing everyday tasks easier. 

Standing arm swings

This exercise creates an increase in blood flow to the shoulder. Doing this dynamic exercise is perfect for before workouts and is a staple in improving mobility in the shoulders and upper back.

High-to-low rows

Completing high to low rows can benefit the shoulders and the upper back. This exercise can be easily done with a resistance band or a cable machine.

Reverse fly

Using a light set of dumbbells, this exercise focuses on shoulder stability and the upper back.

Rotation with dumbbell

This is a perfect exercise to warm up your shoulders for any physical activity. This allows the shoulder to build strength, especially when doing overhead or throwing motions.

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