Sports and Chiropractic Care

People tend only to think that you need to see a chiropractor when you need your back to be cracked. Of course, the best chiropractor Omaha professional can help you with this. However, there is so much more that they can help with during a regular visit. 

Chiropractic care can assist in relieving headaches, arthritis pains, improve sleep and even help with your sports performance. Athletes like Tom Brady, Lance Armstrong and Gerald Wilkins, are using chiropractic care to improve their performance and health. 

Our best chiropractor Omaha professional wants to share how sports and chiropractic care go hand in hand. 

What is chiropractic care?

A chiropractor is a health professional that primarily focuses and works on the spine, joints and nervous system. These professionals mainly use their hands to make an adjustment that helps joints, aligns backs or helps the support system.  

The American Chiropractic Association estimates that there are 35 million Americans that use chiropractic care every year. Many people, including athletes, turn to chiropractors as an alternative to painkillers or surgery. 

The benefits of using chiropractic care for sports. 

Do you have kids or teens who are in sports? Would you like to decrease the risk of them getting injured? It is time to visit a chiropractor. Here are a few benefits of regularly seeing a chiropractor if you play sports. 

Improve your performance

Yes, adding a chiropractic visit to your schedule can help you improve your kids/teens or your sports performance. Are you wondering, how? Your nervous system, centralized in your spine, connects your body. If it is misaligned, it can affect other parts of your body. 

Having a misaligned spine can affect your performance. There is a study where scientists discovered that athletes who used chiropractic care showed a 6.12 percent performance increase. 

Speed up recovery time

Accidents can happen! The last thing any player wants is to stay out a whole season because of an injury. Not letting your injury fully recover can cause even more damage later down the road. 

One way to decrease your recovery time is by using chiropractic care. A chiropractor can relax your body’s muscles to improve the flow of nutrients and oxygen needed for recovery. Plus, an adjustment from a chiropractor can help break down scar tissue to improve flexibility.

Reduce injuries

Not only can chiropractors relieve injuries, but they can prevent them too. According to professionals, one of the causes of sports injuries is caused by a misaligned back. This misalignment can cause unnecessary tension in the back and result in injuries. 

A regular chiropractor visit can help reduce the risk of this occurring with spinal alignment. Or try to see a chiropractor when you start to feel tense. Chiropractors also recommend you always warm-up before starting to exercise! 

Whether you are looking to reduce the risk of an injury, decrease recovery time or improve performance, visit the best chiropractor Omaha professional! Dr. Wisniewki can help improve your movement and keep you healthy for any sports season. Schedule your appointment


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