Using a massage gun for muscle recovery

If you’re in need of quick relief from muscle aches and pains, then a massage gun might be a great resource for you! Massage guns are a good option if you prefer to seek treatment from the comfort of your home and need an easy way to recover after a strenuous workout. Not sure if a massage gun is the solution for you? Our team at Wisniewski Chiropractic is here to explain how to use a massage gun and what other options are available to help you on your pain relief journey.

What is a massage gun?

A massage gun or a percussion massager is used to help sore and tight muscles. This handheld tool uses deep tissue massage methods or rapid bursts of pressure pulses to work out tight muscles as well as increase blood flow to the irritated area. Common areas where a massage gun should be used include the neck, back, shoulders and legs. Lactic acid is commonly built up in these areas. A massage gun uses high-velocity vibrations to stimulate nerve fibers which alleviates pain in sore muscles and helps with blood flow. 

Percussive therapy

Percussive therapy is when force is applied to muscles and connective tissues to help break up adhesions and help blood flow to more sensitive areas. This is considered to be more of a deep-tissue massage.

Vibration therapy

Vibration therapy targets areas more specifically by using a lower force while massaging soft tissue. Those who use this type of therapy usually have more chronic pain or sensitive muscles. This therapy is compared to a Swedish massage.

How to use a massage gun?

To avoid any injury, it is important to know how to use a massage gun. If you choose to use it before a workout it can help with blood flow to the muscles that you plan on working during your workout. This is a good idea to incorporate into your warmup as it can increase your range of motion during your workout. Before your workout, figure out what muscle group you plan to work and spend a max of two minutes massaging each muscle group and 30 seconds on any supporting muscle groups. After five minutes, your circulation will be boosted and you will be ready to work out safely and effectively. 

To cool down after a workout, use your massage gun! This is a good way to bring your body back to a calm state while maintaining circulation. Using a massage gun post-workout is beneficial because it can help reduce inflammation and soreness in muscles. 

It’s important not to overuse your massage gun as this can lead to possible injury. Using a massage gun for sore muscles is common but mainly provides temporary relief. You want to be sure the speed of your massage gun isn’t too high and won’t cause pain when applied to your muscles. When your muscles are sore, they are more likely to be sensitive and won’t be able to withstand a higher speed. Once you find a speed that feels comfortable, massage each sore area for about one to two minutes. 

It is important to avoid use on any: 

Bony areas 

Sprains or strains

Bruises or open wounds

Painful areas

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Managing soreness and living a pain-free life is what we hope everyone can experience.

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