What your chiropractor can and can’t treat

When looking for an all-natural treatment for aches and pains, many find themselves making an appointment with a chiropractor. Not sure if the chiropractor is for you? Our team at Wisniewski Chiropractic is here to help you find out what chiropractors can treat and not treat! Feel better quickly and naturally by scheduling an appointment at a chiropractor Omaha.

What your chiropractor can treat

Back pain

Treatments for back pain are among the most popular reasons why people seek out a chiropractor. Poor posture, sitting for long periods of time, arthritis and spinal disc degeneration are all reasons why your back could be hurting and can cause long-term effects on your back. To find relief, a chiropractor can perform adjustments that can help you feel pain-free.

Neck pain

If you find yourself sitting hunched over at your desk for long periods of time or have chronic neck pain you might need to make an appointment with your chiropractor. Over time, chronic neck pain can cause your range of motion to decrease. If you experience issues turning your neck from side to side, that is a sure sign it is time for an adjustment. 

Joint pain

Whether it’s hip or wrist pain, your chiropractor can help! Joints can start to hurt due to repetitive movements, arthritis or an injury. If your joints are in pain and appear to be swollen, seeing a chiropractor is necessary. Regain your quality of life by getting your joints realigned. 


From tension headaches to migraines, the symptoms that you experience are painful to say the least. Headaches and migraines can be caused due to stress, dehydration or even a misaligned spine. Visiting your chiropractor can narrow down what is causing your headaches and help you find relief sooner. Seeing a chiropractor can help increase the flow of blood and oxygen to and from the brain to limit the number of headaches being experienced. 

What your chiropractor CAN’T treat

It is important to take your health into consideration before visiting a new doctor. There are some limitations when it comes to visiting a chiropractor and what they can fix. 

Broken bones

Due to the possibility of swelling and surgery being needed for broken bones, chiropractors are unlikely to treat them. Broken bones can require invasive procedures or casts that require other care. 


Diseases like cancer shouldn’t be treated by chiropractors. An appropriate course of treatment should be addressed by your recommended doctor before doing any special care. 

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