When to apply ice or heat

Injuries are the worst, and treating the pain before it gets worse is always the first thing you think to do. It turns out there is a correct way to treat an injury! Whether you treat an injury with heat or ice can make a big difference. Each situation is different and even sometimes an injury may require both. Have an injury you can’t seem to recover from? Book an appointment with Wisniewski Chiropractic in Omaha.

When to use ice

Ice should be used for acute injuries or pain as well as inflammation and swelling. Cold therapy or cryotherapy helps reduce blood flow to a specific area that is experiencing inflammation and swelling. This is common specifically around joints and tendons. Ice can help reduce nerve activity which relieves pain. Cold therapy can include using ice packs, coolant sprays, ice massages or ice baths. Cold therapy should not be used on stiff muscles or joints or if you experience bad circulation. When performing cold therapy treatments, be sure to wrap any ice packs in a cloth or towel to avoid them directly touching your skin. Cold therapy treatment should take place as soon as possible after the injury takes place.

When to use heat

Heat should be used for muscle pain and stiffness. There are two types of heat therapies that can be used to treat injuries. Dry heat is when a heating pad, dry heating packs or saunas are in use. Moist heat includes steamed towels, moist heating packs or taking a hot bath. Moist heat can be more effective and takes less time during the healing process. Heat treatments can be applied locally, regionally or to the whole body. For small injuries, heated gel packs or a water bottle filled with hot water can help ease the pain. For regional treatment, a steamed towel or a heating pad is a good choice. Heat should be avoided if you have diabetes, dermatitis, vascular diseases, deep vein thrombosis and multiple sclerosis. 

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