5 foods that are unhealthy

How many times have you base your food choice because it was advertised as “healthy?” The answer to that is more than you should. Don’t be fooled into buying food that claims to be healthy when in reality it’s far it.

The best way to consume healthy foods is by choosing food that balances out your diet. If you don’t know where to start, contact a nutritionist,   and take a peek at our unhealthy foods list to make changes in your diet.

Diet Soda

The popular belief for much of the population is that if a product has the word “diet” this means it’s healthy. It’s a misconception that people  should rethink, especially in sodas. The classic diet soda makes the list of unhealthy foods you should be consuming less.

Diet soda has no sugar or calories, but its artificial sweeteners are just as damaging. Researchers have discovered that diet soda increases the chances of high blood pressure and heart disease. A large consumption of this product can lead to serious health risk such as type two diabetes and kidney disease.

Instead of having that diet soda for lunch, trade it in for a cup of green tea or coffee.

Fruit juices

Kick the habit of having a glass of refreshing orange juice every morning for your health.Fruit juice is just as bad as drinking a soft drink. It contains as much sugar and calories as a soda.

All those labels on those drinks claiming to be 100 percent true fruit juice are far from the truth.

If the box says it’s “ fresh- squeezed” fruit juice, it has been stored in an oxygen-depleted holding tank for a year. While it’s stored,  the squeezed juice loses its flavor and artificial flavoring is added. Even the highest quality of orange juice isn’t sold in the most natural state. The low-quality juices are flavored water.

Skip the juice and eat the actual fruit instead.

Granola bars

Have you ever skipped breakfast and grabbed a granola bar on your way out?  Granola bars are not the most “healthy” and nutritious food choice. These tasty snacks are packed with as much sugar as a candy bar.

Some granola bars are filled with high fructose corn syrup. This could increase the chances of obesity and high cholesterol levels. When shopping for granola bars look at the ingredients and make sure the first ingredient is a grain and not sugar. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative, it’s recommended to make homemade granola instead.

Dried fruit

You would think that eating dried fruit is better for your health, in reality, you’re better off eating a bag of candy. Those mini M&M bags have fewer grams of sugar than dried fruit.  Not everything is terrible about dried fruit, it’s also full with fiber your body needs.

The drawback of dried fruit is the amount of sugar it contains. It contains double to triple the amount of sugar that fresh fruit contains. As your body is breaking down that much fructose, it’s also increasing your blood pressure.

If you need help finding a diet plan that fits your lifestyle, contact a nutritionist at Wisniewski Chiropractic. We’ll be able to help you make the correct food choices.

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