Updated: Five reasons to get a massage regularly

Massage therapy is nothing new. It has been around for thousands of years. Throughout the years, it has evolved to better accommodate the needs of people. How popular is massage therapy? In 2018, 47.5 million people in the United States got a total of 214 million massages

Many people choose to incorporate massages into their regular routine because of their natural benefits. Not sure if you should visit one of the massage places in Omaha? Here are some reasons to get a massage. 

What is massage therapy? 

A licensed massage therapist performs massage therapy. It consists of hands-on manipulation of the soft tissues with the intention to provide health and well being benefits. There are different kinds of massages to choose from, or you can let a massage therapist decide for you based on your specific needs. Here is a list of massages that massage places in Omaha offer: 

  • Deep tissue massage

  • Swedish massage

  • Pregnancy massage

  • Hot stone massage

  • Sugar scrub massage

  • Aromatherapy massage

Reasons to get a massage  

Massages can help you sleep better. 

A report has found that 70 percent of American adults do not get enough sleep at least one night a month. The cause of sleeping problems is different for every individual, but some common causes include stress or chronic pain. One natural solution to sleep faster and longer is massage therapy. This form of treatment helps decrease stress and anxiety levels so you can sleep faster and longer.

Massages reduce chronic pain.

Chronic pain can be caused by an injury or illness. Living with chronic pain can make everyday tasks difficult to complete and cause an addiction to opioids. A report has found that 21 to 29 percent of people who get opioids prescribed to them for chronic pain misuse them. If you are looking for a better way to reduce pain, try massage therapy. Getting a massage helps reduce chronic pain by improving blood circulation and healing sore muscles, thus reducing the need for painkillers.

Massages help decrease anxiety. 

One of the reasons to get a massage is to feel more relaxed. By feeling more relaxed, you can help manage your anxiety and panic disorder better. Massage therapy enables you to control your fight or flight response - which is your body’s response or preparation to a threat. By managing this response with a massage, your body can feel less tension and have less anxious thoughts. 

Massages improve your posture. 

Your body’s posture influences your health and well being. Having a bad posture can lead to health issues like headaches, sleeping problems and even heart disease. One solution to improving your posture is massage therapy. A massage can loosen tensed muscles that prevent you from sitting or standing correctly to improve your posture. 

Massages can improve your mood. 

If you are having a bad week or dealing with depression, try massage therapy. This form of treatment can boost your mood by increasing your brain’s production of endorphins. The more endorphins your body has, the happier and calmer you will feel. 

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