5 Reasons to Get A Massage Regularly

Whether you are dealing with stress, anxiety or lack of sleep, try massage therapy. For thousands of years, people have been using massages to help solve these problems and improve their health. 

Many people assume that a massage is just something you get once in a while to treat yourself. What they do not know is all the benefits of a regular massage

Everyone Deserves a Massage Week takes place every year in July. This week is dedicated to bringing awareness of all the benefits massage therapy has to offer. Everyone Deserves a Massage Week was founded in 1995 by the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals

To celebrate this week, our Swedish vs deep tissue massage experts want to share with you five benefits of a regular massage. 

Helps you feel more relaxed

One of the most common reasons why people choose to get a massage is to feel more relaxed. When you are feeling restless, your body’s muscles tense up. This muscle tension makes your body feel stiff. Massage therapy helps release that tension that is built up in the muscles’ tissues to help you feel relaxed and at ease. 

Reduces pains from an injury or chronic pain

Whether you are suffering pain from an injury or muscle overuse, a massage reduces those aches. Massage therapy decreases pain by reducing contractions and nerve compressions in troubled areas. A study found that an hour of massage therapy reduced neck pain when it was done two or three times a week for four weeks than those receiving fewer to no massage sessions.

Helps manage anxiety and stress

One of the benefits of a regular massage is feeling more relaxed. By feeling more relaxed, you can help manage your anxiety and panic disorder better. Massage therapy enables you to control your fight or flight response - your body’s response or preparation to a threat. By managing this response with a massage, your body can feel less tension and have less anxious thoughts. 

Improves your posture

Your body’s posture influences your health and well being. Having a bad posture can lead to health issues like headaches, sleeping problems and even heart disease. One solution to improving your posture is massage therapy. A massage can loosen tensed muscles that prevent you from sitting or standing correctly to improve your posture. 

Helps you sleep faster and more soundly 

Instead of going through another sleepless night, try massage therapy. The trouble with sleeping can be caused by excessive worrying, pain or depression. A massage helps decrease worrying and pain levels to help you sleep more soundly at night. Research shows that a 30-minute massage session done twice a week can reduce pain and fewer sleep problems. 

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