The best times for a deep tissue massage

Massage therapy helps millions of people every year recover from injuries, improve posture and relieve anxiety. A report found that 43 percent of Americans get massages for health conditions like pain management and injury rehabilitation. 

One of those massages helping people is deep tissue massage. Before you look for a deep tissue massage Omaha provider, you should learn when one is beneficial for you. Our team has created this helpful guide with the best times to get a deep tissue massage. 

What is a deep tissue massage?

A deep tissue massage is a massage that targets the deep tissue and muscles on the body. The massage therapy techniques in a deep tissue massage resemble those of a Swedish massage, except it focuses on the deep tissue. 

A massage therapist will focus on one or two parts of the body to effectively target an area - not the whole body like a Swedish massage. Some massage therapists will also use tools in combination with their hands to reach the deeper muscle layers better. 

The best times to get a deep tissue massage

When you have a sport-related injury

If you play a sport or are active, you understand how important it is to recover from your injuries so you can get back to doing what you love. What some athletes do not know is that a deep tissue massage is one treatment that helps with injury recovery and prevention. This kind of massage stretches out tight and twisted muscles to improve flexibility, reduce soreness and prevent future injuries.

When you need to improve your posture

How you sit and stand every single day impacts your posture. Bad posture causes lower back pain, rounded shoulders, muscle fatigue and headaches. If you already feel these symptoms, it is time to visit a deep tissue massage Omaha therapist. This kind of massage relaxes the overworked muscles caused by bad posture. By relaxing the muscles, your body can go back to its natural alignment and improve its posture.

When you need chronic pain relief 

Chronic pain is a kind of pain that can last for as much as six months. It may be caused due to an injury or disease. This kind of pain is manageable with pain-relieving treatments - like a deep tissue massage. It is an effective treatment for pain relief because it naturally increases blood flow, thus reducing inflammation

You need to sleep better

Are you tossing and turning in your bed? Do you wake up more tired than rested? Sleep deprivation may be caused due to stress, anxiety or poor sleeping habits. If you want to get a better night's sleep, consider a deep tissue massage. Getting one of these massages regularly helps reduce fatigue, reduce anxiety and increase serotonin levels to help you sleep

Visit a deep tissue massage Omaha professional! 

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