Updated: What’s a deep tissue massage?

Massage therapy is a popular alternative treatment for alleviating pain and healing injuries. There are different massages available to target a person’s specific needs. 

One massage that is usually overlooked is a deep tissue massage. Many people assume this type of massage is painful and uncomfortable. Contrary to belief, it has many health benefits when performed by a deep tissue massage Omaha professional. 

Check out this guide to get answers for some of the FAQs about massage therapy, like what is a deep tissue massage, and learn about its benefits.

What is a deep tissue massage? 

A deep tissue massage is a massage that aims to target the deeper muscles and fascia structures of the body. The focus of a deep tissue massage is to penetrate those muscle fibers and tissues to enhance flexibility, mobility and circulation. 

Swedish vs. deep tissue massage

Some of the techniques used in deep tissue massage are similar to those used in a Swedish massage, except it goes deeper into the muscles. Massage therapists use the focus of their core to add pressure to muscles and joints. Unlike a Swedish massage, a deep tissue massage only focuses on certain parts, not the entire body. 

Does a deep tissue massage hurt? 

A deep tissue massage is not supposed to hurt, but you will feel slight discomfort. If you feel any pain, you should communicate with your massage therapist so they can adjust their pressure. You might feel a little discomfort after the massage, but it will last for a couple of days at most. If the pain is intense, it is recommended to ice sore muscles.

The benefits of a deep tissue massage

Improves posture

The way you sit every day at your desk or stand affects your body’s posture. Signs of bad posture include rounded shoulders, headaches, constant neck and back pain. Not fixing your bad posture can cause major health issues down the road. 

Luckily, you can improve your posture by getting a deep tissue massage from a deep tissue massage Omaha specialist. This kind of massage can improve your posture by stretching out the deep muscle fibers so it can increase blood circulation to increase range of motion and reduce pain. 

Helps speed injury recovery

Injuries can occur when you least expect it, like when you lift a box wrong or do not protect your back when working out. Getting injured can cause pain and limit your mobility. One solution to healing your injuries is getting a deep tissue massage. How does it help?

When your muscle has been injured, it will develop scar tissue, like when there has been a hamstring tear. A deep tissue massage helps by breaking down the scar tissue and speeding up the healing process by increasing blood flow and reducing inflammation. 

Provides chronic pain relief 

Chronic pain is a type of pain that lasts over three months. It can occur in all parts of the body and interfere with everyday life, like working, social activities and daily care. If pain is left untreated, it may cause depression or sleeping problems. 

One pain management treatment is a deep tissue massage. This kind of massage helps to reduce chronic pain by breaking down scar tissue and reducing the tension in the muscles that can cause pain. It can help relieve chronic pain caused by upper back, neck and shoulder problems. 

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