Benefits of stretching before and after a workout

When you go to the gym, getting in and out is usually the mindset most people are in. Spending the extra 10 minutes to actually stretch before and after seems redundant and unnecessary until an injury arises and you wish you did. Find out why stretching before and after a workout is important and when you should visit a physical therapy in Omaha, NE office

Why should you stretch before a workout?

If you want to get the most out of your workout, then stretching is a good idea. Taking the five minutes it takes to get your muscles warm and ready to endure the workout of the day is important not only for increased performance but for the overall health of your body. If you find yourself stretching before your next gym session, some benefits include increased blood flow and an increase in flexibility and range of motion.

Stretches to do before a workout

Dynamic stretches are perfect for preparing the muscles for any movement. These are active movements that are a full range of motion. Dynamic stretches help warm up the muscles, which reduces stiffness and prevents injury. 

Why should you stretch after a workout?

Stretching after a workout may seem like a hassle, but it has many benefits in the long run. Implementing stretching after a workout can help improve heart function, reduce lactic acid, and limit strain on muscles and joints. Doing some stretches helps slow down the body and prepare it for recuperation. 

Stretches to do after a workout

Static stretches help slow the body down and are held for around 10-60 seconds. These stretches are different from dynamic stretching due to the fact that they do not include any movement. Something to note when doing static stretches is to focus on the muscles that are especially tight after your workout, hold the stretch until you feel a bit of discomfort then release.

Common injuries 

If you don’t find yourself stretching before or after your workout routine, then muscle aches and pains could be in your future. You may feel stiff and be more susceptible to injuries. If you have experienced an injury previously, you can be more at risk for one again if stretching isn’t in your routine already. Make sure when you are stretching that you are doing proper stretches at the right time. Dynamic stretches need to be done pre-workout and static stretches need to be done post-workout.

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