Can massage therapy help with depression

One of the world’s leading causes of disability is depression. In the United States alone, there are an estimated 19.4 million adults who experienced at least one episode of major depression in 2019. This mental illness can make everyday life difficult and less enjoyable.

The good news is that treatments are available to make living with this condition easier. One natural solution is massage therapy. Our team wants to share how massage therapy can help your depression and why you should visit one of the best massage places in Omaha

What is depression? 

Depression is a mental illness that has a negative impact on how you feel, think and act. As a result, day-to-day activities that were once enjoyable now may seem like a task instead of fun like they used to be. Symptoms of depression must be shown for at least two weeks in order to be officially diagnosed with depression.

Signs of depression 

Showing symptoms of depression vary for everyone. Frequency and what symptoms are present depend on the person. When diagnosing someone with depression, these are the symptoms that physicians look for.

  • Feeling sad, hopeless or empty

  • Outbursts of frustration or irritability

  • Loss of interest in day-to-day activities

  • Sleep habits increase or decrease

  • Loss of appetite occurring with weight loss or increase of appetite and cravings and increase in weight gain

  • Anxiousness

  • Feeling guilty or worthless 

  • Fixating on failures in the past and placing self-blame

  • Thinking, concentrating, decision making and remembering are difficult

  • Frequent thoughts of death and suicide or suicide attempts

  • Physical pain like headaches and back pain

Treatments of depression 

Luckily depression is treatable. Through natural treatment, depression can become more manageable and make you feel better.

Establish a routine

Implementing structure in your life again can help you gain a sense of accomplishment and lower the stress that can come from day-to-day activities. Doing even the most mundane tasks can be challenging when dealing with depression, so establishing a routine helps monitor how you’re doing and also lets others around you monitor how you’re doing.

Set goals

Setting daily goals makes life seem more manageable and helps you feel like you are getting life back on track. Setting small achievable goals helps maintain a positive mentality.


The smallest amount of exercise can help with depression and make it feel more manageable. From going on a walk to hitting the gym, endorphins will be released, making you feel good. Exercise is also a good time to take your mind off of everything that is causing you stress and do something you enjoy.

Clean eating

Eating and meeting your nutritional goals is a good starting point to keeping your mental health in check. Not one single food group or nutrient is going to cure depression, but making sure you’re getting a healthy variety of food and eating regularly will make you feel better.

How can massage therapy help with depression?

Massage therapy is a natural way to help someone with anything from pain to stress relief while getting the benefits of a massage. During a massage from one of the best massage places in Omaha, the patient will experience manual manipulation of soft body tissue and muscles that will leave them feeling relaxed.

Stiff and tight muscles can cause pain and limit mobility. A massage can help work the muscles and soft body tissue to increase blood flow and relaxation. Massage therapy isn’t a cure but can help depression in a physical sense. You will physically feel better and can aid with tiredness and issues with sleeping.

Try one of the best massage places in Omaha! 

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