Does cold laser therapy work for knees?

Most adults have had some knee pain in their lifetime. It could have been caused due to a sports injury or accident. Studies show that knee pain affects about 25 percent of adults. This pain causes adults to have limited knee mobility and function. 

Many people deal with knee pain by turning to painkillers or getting knee surgery when the pain is consistent. For those who are looking for pain-relieving and nonsurgical methods, cold laser therapy for knees is an ideal option. 

In this laser therapy blog, our experts want to discuss causes of knee pains and how cold laser therapy can help. 

Causes of knee pain

Knee pain can affect anyone at any age. Your knees might hurt if they have been injured or you suffer from a medical condition - like arthritis, gout and infections. Typically, minor knee pain can go away with little care. However, knee pain that is chronic might require care from a professional. 

Here are some common symptoms of knee pain: 

  • Constant aches

  • Burning sensation 

  • Sharp pains 

  • Swelling 

  • Popping sounds 

  • Weak feelings.

What is cold laser therapy?

Cold laser therapy is a type of low-intensity laser therapy that uses low levels of light that does not heat the skin. Typically, laser therapy causes the skin to heat up. Cold laser therapy is also known as low-level laser therapy and low power laser therapy. 

The way that cold laser therapy works is a professional will place the laser on targeted areas. Different sized wavelengths and outputs will be used on the body’s surface. Then the laser’s red and near-infrared will get absorbed and cause the damaged cells to react and regenerate.

Cold laser therapy for knees

Cold laser therapy or low-level laser therapy helps relieve knee pains caused by an injury or osteoarthritis. This type of laser therapy helps relieve knee pain by reducing inflammation and causing regeneration of damaged tissue

This procedure does not feel cold or causes pain. A patient will feel a sting. After the first treatment, an individual can feel the results. Depending on the damage or disease on the knee will determine how long the treatment lasts. A chiropractor will suggest to you how often and long to continue the treatment. 

The benefits of cold laser therapy for knees

Along with pain relief, cold laser therapy can also offer other benefits like no side effects, short treatment and no medication required. Unlike surgery or painkillers, cold laser therapy does not have side effects when it has been performed correctly. 

This type of therapy is an alternative pain relief method for painkillers. You get instant pain relief, and treatments can be customized depending on your knee pain. Plus, there is no prolonged recovery time. 

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