Five ways to relieve headaches

We have all been there! When we wind up with a throbbing headache after a day at work, with the kids or even shopping. Headaches can pop out of nowhere and ruin your entire day.

You are not alone. Many people suffer from headaches that cause them to stop what they are doing. The World Health Organization estimates that almost half of the adult population in the world has suffered from a headache once in the past year.

Before you reach for pain killers, the chiropractor near me Omaha wants to share these natural ways to treat and prevent headaches. 

Drink water

Dehydration and certain drinks can trigger a headache. Caffeinated beverages, like coffee, sports drink and soft drinks, can trigger a headache. Instead of reaching out for one of these drinks, choose water instead.

Some headaches can even be triggered by dehydration. This kind of headache is called dehydration headache and is caused when there is not enough water in your body. That is why it is important you are drinking enough water throughout the day. If you notice a headache is about to occur, experts suggest drinking a glass of water to prevent it.

Be mindful of your diet

Your favorite foods could be the cause of your headaches. Researchers have found that specific foods and drinks can trigger headaches. Headache triggering foods include: 

  • Nuts

  • Pizza tomato-based products

  • Organ meats

  • Achocolatada

  • Aged cheeses 

  • Pickled foods 

  • Caffeine drinks 

  • Chocolate 

  • Canned soups

How do you know if these foods are the source of headaches? Well, eat one of these items and if you notice a headache starting after 20 minutes of consuming it, avoid eating them. 

Massage therapy

One treatment that relieves and prevents headaches that many people tend to forget about is massage therapy. A massage is an effective way to reduce the chances of getting a tension headache. A therapist targets specific points in your body to relieve the tension built up which results in headaches. The tensed up neck, back, shoulders and head tend to be the cause of headaches. 

See a chiropractor

One of the primary triggers of headaches is stress. When your body gets stressed, it can tense up and trigger headaches. This is where a chiropractor can assist with spinal manipulation. A chiropractor near me Omaha professional can perform this to reduce tension in your body and alleviate stress.

Another way that a chiropractor can assist is to find the cause of the headache and provide advice. For example, if you sit in front of a computer all day. A chiropractor can advise you on improving your posture or offering stretches to help reduce your body from tensing up. 

Get your zzzs in

The human body works hard every single day. It needs enough sleep each night to fully recharge. Not getting enough sleep can result in a lack of energy, irritability and trigger headaches. However, oversleeping can also result in triggering headaches. Keeping a regular sleeping schedule can help prevent these headaches. Experts suggest sleeping between seven to nine hours each night. 

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