How physical therapy helps kids who play sports

With the start of the new school year also comes the start of a new sports season. If your kid is playing a sport at school, you know how important it is for them to maintain their physical condition to perform well. 

If your kid gets injured, you want to help them heal completely before they get back in the field. One kind of treatment that many parents are using is physical therapy. Take a look at why visiting an Omaha sports physical therapy provider can benefit your kid. 

The risks of sports

Playing sports is an excellent way for your kids to stay active, healthy, build confidence and learn social skills. Although there are many benefits to playing sports, there is also a downside. Whether your kid is playing soccer, football or volleyball at school, they run the risk of getting injured. 

Kids are more likely to get injured playing a sport because their body is still developing and can get damaged more easily. Reports have found that about 3.5 million kids receive medical care due to sports-related injuries each year, and half of these injuries could have been prevented. Addressing and preventing these injuries early on is important to prevent any serious issues down the road. 

Common sports-related injuries in kids

Injuries occur when you least expect them - like during practice or a game. Addressing your kid’s injury sooner than later can help it heal correctly and get your kid back to playing. Here is a list of some common sport-related injuries your kid might experience

  • Ankle sprains

  • ACL tears 

  • Little League elbow or shoulder

  • Shin splints

  • Spondylolysis 

  • Turf toe 

  • Osgood-Schlatter

  • Concussion 

How physical therapy helps kids who play sports

Physical therapy is a non-invasive kind of treatment that helps develop, maintain and restore as much as possible the body’s movement and physical function. It involves prescribed exercises, hands-on care and patient education. Not to mention, physical therapy benefits people of all ages, especially young athletes. These are some ways that an Omaha sports physical therapy professional can help your kids. 

Heal injuries

If your kid gets injured while playing a sport, the first step is to get it healed. Physical therapy is an ideal option for healing injuries. A physical therapist will first identify the injury and then create a custom treatment plan for healing it. They keep a constant monitor to make sure the injury is healing correctly. 

Prevent injuries 

Once your kid’s injuries have been fully healed, you also want to help them prevent them from occurring again. A physical therapist can create a preventive therapy program to help train the body from getting hurt. This program helps improve stability and balance and teaches your kid proper warming up and cooling down techniques. 

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