How to treat burnout

It seems that everyone's to-do list is getting longer and longer every day. You're probably juggling work, meeting deadlines and projects, taking the kids to school and practice and on top maybe cooking meals. It can become a little overwhelming for anybody, even for a chiropractor Omaha professional. 

The stress from trying to keep up with everything on your plate at work and home can start to take a toll on your health. That state of feeling overwhelmed and hitting a breaking point is called burn out. A Gallup report found that two-thirds of full-time workers experience burnout due to their jobs. If not treated, it can start to affect your mental and physical health. 

What is burnout? 

Burnout is when you become emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted. For many people, burnout is caused by their jobs. Too much pressure or workload can start to cause stress to build up. Not only is that the only cause of burnout, but sometimes it can also be caused by your lifestyle or personality traits. 

Triggers for burnout

  • Work environment is too chaotic or toxic

  • Work expectations aren’t clear 

  • Working too much and not relaxing or socializing

  • Lack of supportive relationships

  • Lack of sleep 

  • Trying to be perfect

  • Trying to control everything 

Signs you might have burnout

  • Alienating yourself at work

  • Feeling chronic pain

  • Feeling exhausted all the time

  • Lack of concentration and getting things done

How to treat burnout

Reach out to people

When you have so much stress, one of the best reliefs is simply talking it out. Face to face communication with your friend or family member can help you get that weight off your shoulders. Make it a habit to “check-in” with family members or friends when you start to feel like your life is getting out of control. 

Get your sweat on

Regain your calmness and productivity at the end of the day by hitting the gym. Studies have shown that exercise can reduce the stress that could lead up to feeling burned out. Whether it's jogging or doing cross fit, physical activity can reduce your level of fatigue and improve your concentration. 

Resting and refueling 

Everyone needs sleep to function. Getting less than the required eight hours of sleep could be reducing your concentration. Sleep allows your body to recover physically and mentally after a long day. 

If you have trouble sleeping, try to change your habits before heading to bed. Our chiropractor Omaha professionals recommend that you don’t consume any caffeine before heading to bed. Also, reduce your screen time on your phone, TV or computers when you're in bed. 

Visit your chiropractor 

Reduce the stress and anxiety that could lead to having a burnout starts with relaxing your body and mind. One easy way is to visit a chiropractor Omaha professional. A chiropractor can give you a treatment that will relax your muscles and ease the tension throughout your body. After one visit, you'll be more relaxed and focused than when you came in. Schedule your appointment with Wisnewiski Chiropractic to avoid burnout today. 


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