How to relieve neck pain from stress

We've all been stressed from having to meet work deadlines, taking the kids to their games and making dinner all in one day. It can be stressful. For some people, that stress can start to build in their neck. As a result, your neck could start to hurt and cause a headache. 

Neck pain caused by stress or anxiety

Your neck is what connects your head to your body. It contains all the nerves in your body that relate to your brain. When your body starts to get stressed or anxious, it can begin to tense the muscles and nerves around your spine, shoulders and neck. That tension is what causes you to feel that pain.

Some people might experience neck pain only a few times. While for others, it can be a constant problem. When neck pain is continuous, it can result in other damaging effects, such as; headaches and chronic back pain. Before you let neck pain stop you from enjoying your life, try these solutions: 

Massage therapy

Many people ask does massage therapy help anxiety or if it's just a myth. The truth is that it can do that and more. Massage therapy helps you reduce the tension in your muscles that build-up due to anxiety or stress over time. With just one session, you can feel pain relief from your shoulders. 

There are various types of massage therapy options that you can choose from depending on your pain. You can choose a massage that undoes those knots in shoulders with deep tissue. Or you can pick a massage done with hot stones. Before you ask does massage therapy help anxiety, try a session out. 

Chiropractic adjustment 

Visiting one of the best chiropractor Omaha professionals isn't someone you visit when you feel your back goes out. It's also your secret for relieving that neck pain. A chiropractor can help reduce pain in your neck and shoulder area that's caused by stress or anxiety with an adjustment. 

They use their hands to adjust your spine and joints. By loosening up the joints of the cervical vertebrae in the neck, it can reduce the pain in your neck that is caused by nerves that are pinching. 


If you're waiting for your next chiropractor or massage appointment, you can use stretches to relieve the pain in your neck. When you stretch your neck muscles, you can reduce the tension that has built up on your neck muscles. When you start to feel your next tense up to try these stretches

Shoulder roll

  1. Start by raising your shoulders straight up and then moving them in a circle. Repeat this motion six times. 

  2. Once you finished and left off where you started, repeat it but do it backwards this time. 

Head tilt

  1. You can do this seated or stand up. Start by looking forward with your head and back straight. 

  2. Lower your chin down towards your chest for 15 seconds. Then lift your head back slowly. 

  3. After finishing, tilt your chin towards the ceiling for 10 seconds. Then bring your head back slowly. 

  4. You can repeat various times throughout the day. 

Quit letting your neck pain limit your life. Let one of the best chiropractor Omaha professionals help you with a chiropractic adjustment or massage therapy. Schedule your appointment with us for a better tomorrow.