How massage therapy can help with anxiety

Anxiety is a normal and familiar feeling that everyone feels at some point in their life. Perhaps, you’ve experienced anxiety during a job interview or before a big test. However, when anxiety prevents you from living your normal, everyday life it can become a problem.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety is the most common mental illness in the United States. There are 40 million adults, ages 18 and older, who suffer from anxiety. The great news is that it’s a treatable disease. With the correct support and therapy, you can manage your anxiety.

Anxiety is an emotion that causes a person to feel tense and suddenly get over worried! An individual’s blood pressure tends to increase. Anxiety is a normal emotion for humans. Back in the day, it was how we would survive potential threats. Nowadays the source of our anxiety tends to be related to work, money or simply life.


Anxiety can show up in many ways, causing symptoms to be different for everyone. A person with a general anxiety disorder (GAD) will experience the following:  

  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep.

  • Having an uncontrollable worried feeling.

  • Having difficulty staying concentrated

  • Feeling like irritability is increasing


Many factors can cause a person to feel increased anxiety. The causes behind anxiety are wide ranging :

  • Environmental factors

  • Genetics

  • Medical factors

  • Brain chemistry

  • Withdrawal from a substance

How can massage therapy help treat anxiety?

The good thing about anxiety is that it’s treatable. The bad news is that only 36.9 percent of people with anxiety disorder actually treat it.  Anxiety can be handled by massage therapy from  Wisniewski Chiropractic.

Massage therapy is being used as a natural relief for anxiety. In a study, researchers created two groups. One group got a Swedish massage, and the other received  touch therapy. Each group got a 45-minute session of each treatment. Researchers concluded that the Swedish massage was more effective at reducing anxiety in the participants.

It helps control the fight or flight response that is overactive in people who have an anxiety disorder. Massage therapy helps decrease that reaction from taking over the person’s emotion.

Need an effective and natural way to manage anxiety? Our massage therapy will help relieve your daily stress! Contact Wisniewski Chiropractic today to get your appointment set up and start living more relaxed.



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