Hot Stone Massage Therapy Benefits

When you think about massage therapy, what kind of massage comes to mind? Swedish massage, probably? What about a hot stone massage? It might not be the first thing that comes to your mind, but it should be. A Thrive Wellness Omaha professional wants to share with you why some hot stone massage therapy benefits. 

The history of a hot stone massage

The earliest traces of a hot stone massage go back to 5,000 years ago in India. The Hindus called it Ayurveda, and they would place stones on the body to relieve pain. From there, it made its way to China and was known as bain. They would place stones on top of the stomach to help with digestion. Natives Americans then discovered that heated stones would relieve tense muscles and relax the whole body. Eventually, it was introduced into modern-day with massage therapy and spas. 

What’s a hot stone massage therapy?

Nowadays, hot stone massage therapy is a form of massage therapy that uses heated stones to target specific locations. A Thrive Wellness Omaha massage specialist will lay the hot stones on specific points and even hold these hot stones while giving a massage. The heat from the stones helps relax the body’s muscles and relieve tension in them. 

Typical places where the stones will be placed: 

  • Along your spine

  • Stomach 

  • Chest 

  • Face

  • Palms 

  • Feet and toes 

Is hot stone massage therapy painful? 

It’s important to note that a hot stone massage isn’t painful. When a professional performs a hot stone massage, it’s perfectly safe. Trained professionals will heat the stones with an electric massage stone heater to a safe temperature. By placing the hot stones on your body, you will relax and make the massage pain free. 

Hot stone massage therapy benefits

Relieve pain

If you’ve ever suffered from any kind of muscle pain, you will understand how painful and limited your motion can become. Daily activities like working out, sitting in a desk or lifting heavy items can become hard to accomplish. Instead of choosing to take pain killers that will temporarily relieve your pain, try hot stone massage therapy. 

The heat from this massage will help increase your blood flow to your pain spot. Once the blood starts flowing, it will reduce your chances of getting muscle spasms and increase your flexibility. 

Reduce anxiety and stress

Everyone has some anxiety or stress in their life. However, there does come a point when it becomes unbearable and prevents you from doing your everyday tasks. Finding a way to reduce it and control it is essential for your well-being to avoid burnout

One massage for anxiety relief is a hot stone massage. The heat from your stones can help your whole body relax and ease your anxiety and stress. It will help you concentrate at work better and not let burnout from occurring. 

Treat your body to a hot stone massage from one of our massage therapy experts. It can be your go-to a massage for anxiety relief or relieving muscle pain. Scheduling an appointment is easy and can be done online. Make your appointment with us today. 

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