Oat nutritional facts

Whether you eat oats in warm oatmeal or by drinking oat milk, this tiny grain packs a punch in nutritional values. One of the most popular ways to intake oats is through oatmeal. Since January is the national month of oatmeal, our Thrive Wellness Omaha experts want to share some insight about oats and how you eat it throughout the week. 

What are oats?

Oats are a whole-grain. These oats are then turned into oatmeal for cooking purposes. There are three kinds of oats to choose from when making oatmeal: 

  • Steel-cut oats: These kinds of oats are the least processed and are cut into pieces that are not rolled. They do require much more time to cook. 

  • Rolled oats: These oats are steamed and rolled. They can be cooked in 15 minutes.

  • Quick-cooking oats/Instant oats: These kinds of oats are cut and rolled into thin flakes. They can be cooked in five minutes or less. 

What’s the healthiest oat options? 

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or eat healthier, you’ll want to choose old fashioned or steel-cut oats. These types of oats are considered to be the healthiest kinds of oats. The reason behind it is because they don’t have added large amounts of sugars like the packets of instant flavored oatmeal. 

Do oats have gluten? 

Oats do not naturally contain gluten. However, if you follow a gluten-free diet, you’ll want to purchase gluten-free oats or oatmeal. The reason behind this is because oats are processed in the same factories as oats, barley and wheat. Which means oats can become contaminated easily. 

What are some ways to eat oats? 

There is another way to eat oats if you don’t prefer oatmeal. Our Thrive Wellness Omaha nutritional counselors suggest consuming oats in forms of pancakes, granola, muffins or even parfaits. One growing trend is drinking oat milk. This type of milk is a healthy alternative to milk. You can enjoy this milk in lattes, cereal or as a cooking ingredient. 

The health benefits of oats 

Lower cholesterol levels 

Oats are high in the fiber called beta-glucan which dissolves in water. This fiber is known to have lots of benefits that include reducing blood sugar, LDL and cholesterol level. 

Full in antioxidants 

If you’re looking for breakfast that is full of antioxidants, you’ll want to consider making some oatmeal. These tiny little oats have avenanthramides that can help lower blood pressure, improve blood flow and lower inflammation

Manage your weight

Oatmeal is filling food. It is high in fiber, which can make people feel full for more extended periods of time. By staying full, a person can reduce the portion of meals they eat and it can help them reach their weight goals. A study found that eating oatmeal can help reduce your desire to eat for the next four hours.

Whether you're looking to improve your diet, manage your weight or recover from an injury, speak to our Thrive Wellness Omaha nutritional counselors. They can help you give you dietary recommendations that can help you reach your goals or recover faster. Schedule your appointment to see a specialist today!


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