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An estimated 65 million Americans have reported experiencing some kind of back pain recently. This kind of pain limits people’s everyday lives and even prevents them from going to work. Some people choose temporary pain relievers like painkillers to treat the pain. 

However, this relief is only temporary and may cause dependency issues. An estimated 15 million people around the world have misused opioids. The good news is that there are natural solutions for treating back pain. From seeing the best chiropractor in Omaha NE,  to fixing the way you sit at work, here are some easy ways to say goodbye to your back pain.

Causes for back pain

The first step to treating your back pain is finding the cause of it. Here are some common causes for back pain the best chiropractor in Omaha NE has found among patients. 


A back strain occurs when your back muscles or tendons get twisted or torn. This injury is often caused by improper lifting or stressing the back muscles too much. 


A back sprain is when there is an injury to the back’s ligament. Just like the strain, a sprain is commonly caused by not lifting correctly or overstressing the back. 

Bad posture

Sitting or standing incorrectly may also cause back pain. Bad posture prevents the weight of your back from being unevenly distributed, causing weakening of the back’s tissues. 

Pinched nerve

A pinched nerve occurs when too much pressure is on a nerve near the bones, cartilage, muscles, or bones. This problem causes impairment in the nerves’ function and pain. 

Herniated disc

Herniated discs are problems that occur with a rubbery disc between the spinal bones. This injury may cause numbness or pain. 

Back pain treatments 

Improve your posture 

As stated above, bad posture is a cause of back pain. Improving how you sit at your desk or stand can reduce your back pain and prevent back injuries. You can improve your posture by standing straight and sitting on a chair with back support. 

Change your diet

Back pain sometimes results from inflammation. You can relieve your back pain by eating foods that help reduce inflammation. Experts recommend avoiding diets with high levels of sugars and fatty foods. Instead, eat foods with lots of antioxidants, lean protein and unsaturated fats - like fish, raw vegetables, beans and whole grains. 

Get a massage

Massage therapy is an ideal treatment for people who suffer from constant back issues. Incorporating a massage can be a safe and effective solution to back pain when compared to painkillers. A massage therapist can relieve the tension in your back’s nerves and stretch out the muscles.

See a chiropractor

One of the easiest ways to relieve your back pain is by visiting a chiropractor. These professionals will be able to find the source of your back pain and design a treatment plan to relieve and prevent it. Some common techniques that chiropractors use are spinal and extremity manipulations. 

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