How a chiropractor helps with a pinched nerve

Pinched nerves are no joke. They are painful and may last days or months. If you suffer from a pinched nerve, know that you are not alone.

Mayo Clinic reports that 85 out of 100,000 adults have experienced a pinched nerve. It affects people of all ages but especially adults over the age of 50. 

The good news is that there are ways to treat and prevent pinched nerves. What are those treatments? And can a chiropractor help with a pinched nerve? These and other questions our best chiropractor Omaha team has answered down below. 

What is a pinched nerve? 

A pinched nerve is when there is excessive pressure on a nerve near the bones, cartilage, muscles or tendons. If the pressure is too much, it can impair the nerves’ function and cause pain or weakness. The main cause of pinched nerves is the herniated disk, but they can also originate in the neck, upper-middle or lower back. A pinched nerve may also cause sciatica

Why do pinched nerves occur? 

Pinched nerves are caused by inflammation. This inflammation may be caused by trauma that disrupts the function of the nerve. Here is a list of things that may increase the risk of developing pinched nerves

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Repetitive motions 

  • Injuries 

  • Weight gain 

  • Cancer and tumors 

  • Degenerative joint disease 

Signs you have a pinched nerve

Now that you know what a pinched nerve is, it is time to learn the signs that you have a pinched nerve and should see the best chiropractor Omaha provider!

  • Sharp or dull pain 

  • Numbness 

  • Tingling sensation 

  • Hand or foot falling asleep 

How to treat a pinched nerve at-home 

Think about your posture 

The way that you stand or sit every day affects your spine. When you have an incorrect posture, that adds excessive pressure on your body. This may lead to developing a pinched nerve. To avoid this problem, fix your posture. Avoid slouching in chairs, and don’t spend too much time looking down at your smartphone. 

Add heat and ice

Another at-home treatment that you can use to fix your pinched nerve is applying ice and heat to the area of the pinched nerve. This process will help decrease inflammation and increase the circulation of fresh blood to the area. How to apply ice and heat to a pinched nerve:

  1. Apply ice for 15 minutes to the area 

  2. Then, apply a heating pad to the area for about an hour

  3. Repeat step one and two at least three times a day 

Can a chiropractor help with a pinched nerve?

Yes, chiropractors can help treat and prevent a pinched nerve. How can a chiropractor help? They use spinal manipulation to relieve any pressure that is occurring on the nerves. This helps relieve any pains, activates the healing process and improves the function of the nerve. A chiropractor can also give you advice to help prevent your chances of developing a pinched nerve in the future. 

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