Kinesio tape: what is it and why use it?

At Wisniewski Chiropractic and the Thrive Wellness network, we pride ourselves on taking a holistic and rounded approach to your health. We can help with more than just chiropractic care alone!

Among the services we offer is kinesio taping, which can be used in conjunction with typical chiropractic adjustments.

Below, we’ll get into the nitty gritty on what exactly kinesio taping aims to accomplish and who benefits from it.

What Is Kinesio Tape?

The tape used for this technique is a specific kind that was previously unavailable commercially. In short – no, the roll of masking tape in your kitchen drawer won’t do the job.

It’s a “latex-free hypoallergenic cotton-fiber elastic tape” that is designed to replicate the approximate thickness of your skin. It differs in that it is capable of being stretched to 150 percent of its normal length.

When applied, the acrylic adhesive on the back is activated by body heat and keeps the tape in place.

Why Apply It?

If kinesio tape is applied correctly by a trained practitioner, it can have multiple benefits to the body’s physiological systems.

On a basic level, the tape’s purpose is to pull the outer layers of skin – the epidermis and dermis – to create more space beneath. This means the muscles below are able to self-contract, push more fluid throughout and react to intense usage more efficiently. If used correctly, kinesio taping can increase range of motion in muscles and lead to greater muscle endurance.

The lymph nodes in particular sit in the area between the dermis and muscles. An increased area allows these lymph channels to transport fluid and drain completely. Blood flow is also less restricted.

It also affects the nervous system. If the nerves in the area below the dermis are compressed between the skin and muscles, they send unpleasant signals to the brain. Pain and sensitivity are examples. When they are allowed more space by the pulling of kinesio tape, the nerves can function correctly and not react painfully.

Who Uses It?

Kinesio tape went from an industry secret to a widespread phenomenon, thanks largely to its growing popularity with athletes. Especially during the 2008 and 2012 Olympics , the world took notice of this new accessory seen on some of the world’s best athletes.

For us non-Olympians, it can be just as useful. If you’re seeing a chiropractor for something like shoulder, back or neck pain, then kinesio taping may be recommended to allow you to keep your active lifestyle.

These are the most common patient benefits:

  • Reduces pain sensation

  • Helps decrease swelling

  • Promotes general muscle tone

  • Speeds the healing process

For these reasons, kinesio tape can be particularly helpful if you work out regularly.

Ask about kinesio taping at your next visit to Wisniewski Chiropractic!



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