Pillows that support the neck and back

Waking up in the morning with a sore neck puts quite the damper on the day. Performing simple movements like turning your head can be painful. Our team wants to share how to choose the right pillow and why it’s so important for neck and back health. Experiencing this pain yourself and looking for a remedy? Visit Dr. Wisniewski and get your neck and back pain treated in Omaha.

Why do your neck and back hurt when you sleep?

Not only does the position you sleep in matter, but so does your pillow! If both of these things are off then a sore neck and back pain could be in your future. The good news is this can be prevented! Sleeping on your stomach is the first red flag, it causes you to twist your neck which can cause you to strain neck muscles. Not only does sleeping on your stomach cause a sore neck but it also causes back pain, it puts excess pressure and stress on your spine. You want to be able to sleep at night knowing that your pillow is supporting you and you will wake up pain-free. A proper pillow should support your head instead of creating tension. Feather and memory-foam pillows are great for support and help keep the neck and spine in a neutral position throughout the night. 

Other causes of pain

Your pillow and sleeping position might not be the only cause of your neck and back pain. Sudden movements when sleeping can cause strain on your muscles that can cause you to wake up feeling sore and stiff. Sudden movements such as tossing and turning while sleeping can create tension and cause this. Previous injuries can also arise at a later date and make you feel sore. Activities throughout the day, such as poor posture, not changing positions when watching TV or working at a computer, can be a contributing factor to soreness when you wake up. 

How to choose the right pillow?

To prevent and treat neck pain, it is recommended that foam and latex pillows be used because they offer the most support. Latex and memory foam pillows not only offer support for the neck and back but reduce the risk of neck fatigue. The height of the pillow is also an important factor to consider. It puts less strain on your spine and neck and increased your quality of sleep if your pillow is the right height.

Treat neck and back pain in Omaha

It turns out you can sleep wrong! Treat your neck and back pain in Omaha by scheduling an appointment at Wisniewski Chiropractic! Contact us today to book your appointment.