Progressive overload

If you’ve hit a rut with gaining muscle and increasing weight in the gym, try implementing progressive overload into your training program. It is important to challenge yourself and your body when you start to see a lack of progress in the gym. Our team at Wisniewski Chiropractic will break down what progressive overload is, its benefits, and how it will help you become better in the gym! If you’re experiencing an injury, or are trying to be proactive, schedule an appointment with Dr. Wisniewski, a chiropractor in West Omaha.

What is progressive overload?

Progressive overload is when you slowly start to increase weight, sets and reps while strength training. This not only challenges your body but helps you get stronger. This is usually associated with strength training but can also be found with cardio exercises as well. When changing up your exercises, it helps you avoid being stagnant with progress; progressive overload will help you feel stronger and more fit. Just like doing anything, when doing the same exercises over and over your body can start to limit its progress. It is important to mix up different exercises and increase weight to avoid this. If you can easily lift weights that used to be difficult and are no longer sore afterward or are noticing little progress over time, it is time to add more weight to your workouts.


Some may see implementing progressive overload as a setback in their workout routine, but it is actually a positive. You are gaining muscle! Weights that were once heavy are easily lifted now and you can move up to a heavier weight to accomplish next. By continuing to have progressive overload as a part of your workout program, you are less likely to see a plateau in your progress. When staying consistent, each month you will be able to lift a little bit more with more reps than you could previously. Not only will you be able to gain more muscle but also more stamina. 


Progressive overload can be integrated into your workout routine in various ways. Some include increasing volume, weight and mileage in your workouts. When you lift heavier, your muscles are able to get stronger because they are breaking down and rebuilding. If you can do 10 to 12 reps of weight easily then you can move on to a heavier weight. The next weight you choose you should be able to lift for 10 reps, with the last few being a challenge. 

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