The importance of good diet for overall health

Needless to say, nutrition is the most essential part of your life. Food choices dictate the quality of life you live based on your health.

The latest generation of kids are highly exposed to processed food which compounds problems if one already lives an unhealthy and inactive lifestyle. At a very young age, children are in need of energy supplements.

A balanced diet is necessary for good health. It makes you feel better by promoting peaceful sleep, good energy levels while reducing excess fat. Having a nutritious diet will also make you immune to many modern  diseases and conditions.

Research reveals men need an intake of around 2,000 calories a  day. However, calorie intake depends on the level of activity one does throughout the day.

Generally, men need more calories than women. Likewise, those who play sports or do other high-impact activities need to consume more calories than those who live a sedentary lifestyle.

Maintaining a balance diet is a lifestyle, a daily commitment. Once you start making it your priority, it will become a habit and not a chore.

Need to be alert!

In the U.S alone, one-third of the adult population is classified as obese. For children, 17 percent fall under this label.  Obesity is not the only indication of poor health. Even the individuals who appear average show the symptoms of poor health which leads to frequent illness, heart diseases, diabetes, osteoporosis or any type of cancer.

Unhealthy eating habits and increase in weight in case of children increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

The general public is always attracted to the colorful food available in the supermarkets. Especially starchy food like bread and pasta. The white color of bread is due to the bleaching process the grains undergo, during which they lose most of their nutritional value.

Hence, you must avoid eating the food available in the supermarket and encourage yourself and your children to go with more organic food.

Tips for maintaining a healthy food life.

Here are some tips to maintaining a healthy relationship to food:  

- Instead of drinking fruit juices, eat fruit to get the complete benefit of the fiber content.

- Have a healthy dose of green and leafy vegetables every day.

- Your diet normally does not have any high source of calcium except milk. Drink milk and other dairy products on a regular basis to make your bones strong.

- Choose the meat with relatively low-fat content. They are also called lean meat. They are a high source of protein.

- Have alternative sources of protein apart from milk and meat. Try adding fish, beans, and tofu to your diet.

Apart from the above five points, the rule of thumb  is to drink lots of water. Remaining hydrated throughout the day will keep you refreshed and increase your productivity at work. It will also ensure proper digestion.