Tips for eating healthy on a budget

Eating healthy does not have to be expensive. There are ways you and your family can learn how to eat healthy foods on a budget. To help you save money this year, our nutritional counseling Omaha NE team wants to teach you the importance of eating healthy and some tips to do it without blowing your budget. 

Why is eating healthy important?

What you put into your body says a lot about your health and wellbeing. Not eating a daily balanced diet increases your chance of becoming overweight, developing heart disease or Type 2 diabetes.

The World Health Organization reports that about 80 percent of heart diseases, Type 2 diabetes and strokes can be prevented if people eat better and exercise regularly. Eating healthy does not happen overnight. It starts by making nutritious choices in your everyday meals. 

How to eat healthy food on a budget

Create a weekly meal plan

Planning your weekly meals helps you save time and money. By creating a plan ahead of time, you know what food products you will need to prepare your meals. It will help you make healthier choices, buy only what you need and stay within your budget. 

To plan your weekly meals, start by: 

  1. Seeing what you have in your refrigerator

  2. Write out your meals 

  3. Plan how to use leftovers 

  4. Make a grocery list

Buy seasonal produce

Have you noticed that during certain months, specific fruits and vegetables are cheaper than others? The reason is that some certain foods are in growing season. For example, strawberries are in season during the summer months and mandarin oranges are in season during the winter. 

Buying and creating meals around these seasonal foods helps you eat healthy without going over budget. Another tip on how to eat healthy food on a budget is buying these seasonal foods and freezing them. It will help you enjoy your favorite foods for cheap all year long. 

Cook more meals at home

With so many healthy restaurants, it can be tempting to order out every night. Save the takeout for the weekend or a busy night. Cooking more meals at home can help you eat healthier and stay on budget. 

When you cook your own meals, you have the option to make nutritious meals that fit your diet. Are you on a tight schedule? Our nutritional counseling Omaha NE team suggests you meal prep your lunches and dinners during the weekend. Cook all your meals one day out of the week and then refrigerate until you are ready to enjoy. 

Eat less meat 

For some people, eating meat every single day is a normal part of their meal. However, all that meat can start to add up. Instead of having meat with all your meals, make some of your daily meals with plant-based proteins

Not only will eating less meat in your meals save you money but also benefit your health. The American Heart Association reported that eating less meat or giving it up entirely decreases the risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity and many cancers. Some plant-based proteins you can substitute for meat include: 

  • Tofu

  • Lentils 

  • Chickpeas

  • Peanuts

  • Quinoa

  • Beans with rice

  • Protein-rich vegetables 

Talk to a nutritional counseling Omaha NE expert! 

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