What is pilates?

If you’re in a fitness rut and looking for a new form of exercise, pilates might be for you! Pilates is very versatile and is great whether you want to do it at home, the gym or a pilates studio. No matter your fitness level or goals, pilates can be a great way to move your body and freshen up how you feel about exercise. Also, if you’ve suffered a back injury, find out how to utilize pilates for back pain.

What is pilates

Pilates is a low-impact exercise that strengthens muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. Movements target your core, glutes, abdominals, hips, inner and outer thighs, and back. Other areas, such as your arms and lower legs, are also targeted during pilates exercises. Slow and controlled movements are meant to work the entire body, which require precise movements and breath control. 

Pilates isn’t designed to be easy. The movements can appear to be simple but can be challenging. When each movement is done correctly with the proper form, they can be greatly effective and have benefits on the body.

Benefits of pilates

For everyone

No matter your fitness level or age, pilates is great for seasoned athletes or those just getting started in the fitness space. Core strength, alignment and mind-body connection are all focused on during pilates. Movements are able to be modified for those who have had injuries or for individual needs. 

Build endurance and strength

Functional fitness is great for building muscle and making sure your body is healthy for years to come. Eccentric connection is a muscle contraction that happens when the muscle is extended under tension, this helps build endurance and strength. When doing moves in pilates, it is common to have to do moves that resist gravity and to move your body in a controlled and precise way. 


Pilates aims to safely stretch your muscles while increasing your range of motion of joints. As a result, pilates will help your body will be able to stretch and bend easier over time.

Core strength

In pilates, the core muscles are worked to help support good posture. When you develop a strong core, the whole body is supported. Your neck and shoulders are able to relax, and your muscles and joints are also strengthened. Due to the movements, your overall core is strengthened, as well as your endurance. 


Good alignment and a strong core can help lead to better posture! Pilates allows the body to move freely with strength, which leads to better posture and can help relieve back pain. 

Pilates for back pain

Pilates is a good form of exercise to both prevent and decrease back pain. Core strength, alignment and stretching are all techniques that are practiced in pilates and are important for treating tight back muscles. A pilates session can do the same as booking a massage session. Doing a pilates workout at least a couple of times a week can prevent future flare-ups. If your back is feeling particularly sensitive, don’t be afraid to ask for exercise modifications to prevent further injury.

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