What’s kinesio tape?

As a specialized form of tape that is applied to injuries or unstable areas of the body, the benefits of Kinesio Tape are undeniable.

Kinesio Tape is latex-free, made with gentle cotton fiber and medical grade acrylic adhesive and water-resistant strips make it an ideal treatment that can be worn for days on end! Another benefit is that the material is hypoallergenic. Kinesio Tape can be used on both children and adults.

How does it work?

Made up of sections of pre-cut strips, Kinesio Tape is applied to specific areas of the body to reduce pain and inflammation. Once applied, Kinesio Tape will support muscles, tendons, ligaments and restore activity to your joints and muscles.

It’s most commonly used by athletes to increase performance and save them from body pain.  

These are the other benefits of Kinesio Tape:

  • Reducing pain

  • Decreases swelling

  • Does not limit range of motion

  • Promotes muscle tone

  • Decreases intensity of scar tissue

  • Provides quick healing

  • Relaxes and stimulates muscles

Kinesio Tape Method applies a therapeutic taping technique that offers support and rehabilitation for patients in any condition. No matter the amount of activity you required in your day to day lives this treatment is able to get you back in all the action quickly and effectively.  

When dealing with any clinical condition, such as muscle or joint pain, Kinesio Tape application requires numerous testing to be done before it can be applied.

Some of the tests include:

Manual muscle testing

Used to measure the amount of force your muscles and tendons can exert. It is also used to determine how your muscle perform and if you have any impairments or deficits.

Range of motion testing

Used to monitor if muscles and joints are able to stretch to their full potential. A goniometer machine will often be used to measure the exact degree of motion each joint is able to achieve or not achieve.

Gait assessment

Used to assess how you move when you walk and run. With the help of a camera, treadmill and laptop, the footage can be used to see abnormalities in stability based on the placement of your feet.

Once all of the tests are done, a plan can be created to best fit the patient’s needs for rehabilitation or other support. Once this is finished, the tape can be applied and the patient can start reaping all the benefits of Kinesio Tape.

How effective is it?

According to a survey taken by 450 First Aider readers, half said that they used kinesiology tape for pain relief and 12 percent used it for performance enhancement.

Unlike your regular athletic tape or other wraps, Kinesiology Tape is a more effective way to support your joints and muscles without limiting motion or inhibiting spasms. Whereas, athletic tape, wraps and other support systems do limit motion and lack the flexibility that Kinesio Tape has already.

Other studies have shown that benefits of Kinesio Tape can improve muscular contractions, such as the quadricep which controls the placement of your kneecap. In other cases, athletic performance was even increased by two to six percent with the help of this treatment!

Overall, no matter what you’re dealing with, Wisniewski Chiropractic has the experience to help their patients live a better life without pain utilizing the best treatments for each individual.  

Make your appointment with Wisniewski Chiropractic and explore our deep tissue, Swedish, hot stone, sugar scrubs and aromatherapy massages and Kinesio Tape. After all, we are Omaha’s best massage therapy experts!



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