Updated: Avoid Holiday decorating injuries

The holiday season is a joyful time for homeowners because they decorate their homes with lots of lights and trees. Although decorating is a fun time, it can also pose a safety hazard. Injuries can occur when decorating the trees or adding lights to the home. If you want to decorate safely this year, check out these tips that our chiropractor Omaha NE team has rounded up.

How holiday decorating can result in injuries

Believe it or not but decorating for the holidays can be dangerous. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission states that there are around 160 decorating-related injuries each day during the holiday season. Half of these injuries are related to falling. Some common holiday decorating injuries include:

  • Falling while hanging lights and decorations on the roof 

  • Falling off furniture while decorating the tree

  • Slipping on cords or a tree skirt 

How to prevent holiday decorating injuries

Lift correctly

Before you start your holiday decorating, you need to take out all your supplies. You probably have all the holiday decorations stored in your basement, garage, shed or attic. These boxes might be heavy and stuffed with your items. 

To avoid any back injuries, be sure to lift correctly. When lifting, do not lift by bending forward. Instead, lift by bending your hips and knees to squat, keeping the box close to your body and straightening your legs

Place ladder on sturdy ground

Adding lights to a house is one-way homeowners like to spread the holiday cheer. Although it might seem harmless, it is also dangerous. In fact, 5,800 injuries related to falls occur during the holiday season, and 43 percent of these falls are caused by falling off the ladder. 

To avoid any injuries while using a ladder this season, be sure to place it on sturdy ground. You should remove any snow or ice before placing the ladder on the ground. By doing this step first, you can ensure that the ladder is balanced.

Clear out ice and snow

Aside from adding lights to your house, you might also be adding inflatables, figures and trees to your yard. It may seem harmless to start adding decorations across your yard, but you can slip and fall if ice and snow are not cleared.

Snow and ice could cover these surfaces, increasing your risk of falling and getting injured. Before you start taking items out, make sure the walking surfaces have been cleaned. Shovel snow off sidewalks and drop salt to melt ice.

See a chiropractor 

If you happen to get injured while decorating, see a chiropractor. A chiropractor Omaha NE professional can provide pain relief on any back, neck or leg injury with a spinal or extremity manipulation. Through chiropractic care, your body will be able to heal its injuries naturally and help prevent injuries in the future

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