Backpack safety tips from a chiropractor

The month of August kicks off back-to-school season! It is a busy month for parents who are trying to buy everything their kids need for the new school year. The shopping list may include crayons, notebooks, new clothing and backpacks. 

These decisions should not be taken lightly, especially when choosing your kid’s backpack. Our chiropractor Omaha NE team wants to share how a bag affects the spine and some backpack safety tips every parent should know. 

How a backpack affects the spine

The purpose of a backpack is to help people carry their things from one place to another without using their hands. However, if too many items are added to the backpack, it could hurt the spine and cause back problems. Research shows that more than 60 percent of students have backpack-related pain. 

If the back is carrying too much weight, it can take a toll on the joints and back muscles. These body parts were not meant to carry that much weight for such a long time that it could cause them to degenerate. This causes the person carrying the heavy backpack to get stiff muscles and develop pain. 

Signs your kid’s backpack is too heavy

It is important to keep an eye on how your kid’s backpack fits to help avoid problems throughout the school year. Here are some common signs that might indicate your kid’s bag is too heavy for them

  • They struggle to put it on and take it off

  • They feel pain while wearing it

  • Their arms or legs feel numb

  • They have strap marks 

  • They bend forward 

Backpack safety tips

Buy a backpack with wide and padded straps

Just because a backpack style is in trend does not mean it will protect your kid’s back. When shopping for your kid’s backpack, look for one that has wide and padded straps. The wide and padded straps will disturb the weight across their back. These kinds of straps also help prevent the straps from digging into their shoulders and causing shoulder pain

Do not buy a backpack bigger than them

One mistake that parents make when buying their kid’s backpack is buying one that is too big for them. You might think that they will grow into it, but it could injure their back. Backpacks that are too big will allow them to stuff more things and make them heavier. A good rule to follow is to make sure the backpack does not go below four inches below their waist and two inches below their shoulders. 

Backpack should not exceed more than 10 percent of your kid’s weight

As the school year progresses, your kid will start to bring more books and things home. It is important to remember that the weight of your kid’s backpack should never exceed more than 10 percent of their weight. Overloading a backpack will cause stiff necks, sore shoulders and back pain. 

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