Ways to prevent shoulder pain while working at home

Working from home has become the norm for many Americans. There are many benefits of working remotely, like no morning commute, access to all the snacks you want and wearing PJs. 

However, not everything has been a walk in the park. Chubb's survey reported that 40 percent of Americans have new or increased back, neck and shoulder pain since working from home. 

If you find yourself in these conditions, it can be easy to ignore these pains. However, not resolving this pain could result in further damaging your conditions. Before looking for a chiropractor near me Omaha professionals, here are some ways you can resolve and prevent shoulder pain. 

What causes shoulder pain to occur while working from home?

Although working at a desk does not require large amounts of physical effort, it can still be damaging to your body. Working at a desk for eight hours a day can put enormous stress on your shoulders. The average person hits their keyboard up 200,000 times a day. That repetitive motion can be damaging and lead to developing shoulder and joint pain. 

Ways to prevent shoulder pain while working at home

Fix your posture 

One of the best ways to prevent shoulder pain while working at a desk is sitting correctly. Sitting for long periods a day having bad posture causes your muscles in your shoulders to grow weak and decreases your range of motion. This can cause shoulder impingement that results in shoulder pain.

Fix your posture while working at home by:

  • Work on a table or desk

  • Sit on a chair with back and arm support 

  • Keep the screen at eye level 

  • Make sure keyboard and mouse are within reach


Whether it is during break or lunch hour, you should be stretching in between your workday to prevent shoulder pain. Stretching prevents your muscles from becoming stiff and causing an injury. It also helps improve your posture. Here are some stretches you can do while working from home:  

  • Neck rolls

  • Backward and forward shoulder circles

  • Chest opener 

Stay active after work 

One of the causes of shoulder pain is weakened muscles. You can prevent this kind of pain from occurring by strengthening your shoulder muscles. By exercising your shoulder muscles, you can loosen that tension in your muscles and improve the range of motion. You can improve your shoulder through these various exercises

See a chiropractor

Chiropractors do more than just relieve back pain. They also can help reduce the shoulder pain caused by working at home. These professionals help by realigning your spine to make it easier to sit correctly. This helps relieve any tension in your shoulders, improve your flexibility and increase your muscle strength

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