Updated: How to protect your back while traveling

Everyone deserves a vacation. For some people, that means staying at home and doing nothing, while others prefer to use that time to travel to that one location on their bucket list. 

If you are using your PTO to travel across the country, our chiropractor near me Omaha team wants to share some ways you can prevent or reduce back pain while you travel.  

Why does your back hurt when traveling? 

Traveling can take a toll on people’s backs. It may cause upper and lower back pains. Long car rides may leave people feeling stiff and with aching pains. Why does back pain occur when traveling? Well, it is due to the long periods of sitting down and lack of back support. 

Sitting for long periods may add stress to your back and neck. This adds pressure to your back muscles and spinal discs, thus resulting in discomfort and pain. Back pain may also be caused by a lack of back support. Not having correct back support results in developing poor posture that puts lots of strain on your spine

How to prevent back pain due to traveling

If traveling by air

Traveling by airplane is a convenient way to travel from point a to point b. Although travel is much easier, it may not be so easy for your back. When you are traveling by airplane, you are cramped into a small space for a prolonged period. This inactivity and limited space while flying may cause your back muscles to spasm. 

The good news is that there are ways to reduce your chances of developing back problems when flying. Here are some tips to prevent back pain when traveling by airplane:

  • Buy luggage that has wheels

  • Do not overpack

  • Bring extra support for your back

  • Move and stretch whenever possible

  • Be mindful of your posture 

If traveling by car

Traveling by car is a budget-friendly and easy way to travel with family and friends. It allows you to travel at your own pace and sightsee. However, some downsides include the longer travel time and limited space. The combination of these two factors increases your chances of developing low back pain, muscle cramps and knee pain

If you are taking a road trip, here are some tips to reduce your chances of developing back pain.

  • Make sure your car seat is adjusted correctly

  • Keep proper posture 

  • Take regular stretch breaks

  • Do not get stressed 

  • Change your position periodically

See a chiropractor before and after traveling

One of the best ways to reduce developing back pain when traveling is by seeing a chiropractor near me Omaha professional. A chiropractor can do spinal manipulation to relieve any current problems with your back and help you prevent any injuries. 

After your trip, be sure to make a return visit to see your chiropractor. They can help reduce your stress, improve your flexibility and ease any back and neck pain that might have resulted from the trip. 

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