Protect your back while traveling.

The holidays are a time to spend with family. For some, we are lucky enough to live close enough to spend the holidays with our family without traveling. For others, it might take us an airplane or an eight-hour road trip to see our loved ones. A recent survey states that 40 percent of Americans will travel during the holidays. They might travel to visit family or get away from family for a holiday trip. As great and relaxing as we want these trips to be, they can take a toll on our bodies. You can get body aches after long drives or neck pains from flying. Here is how to stay comfortable and healthy during your traveling.

Traveling by air.

If you are traveling by airplane, it can be difficult to stay comfortable. You are cramped into a small area for an extended period where it can be difficult to stretch your body. Plus, you have lug around heavy bags while waiting in line and to and from hotels. Long flights can leave you with aching backs and a tired body.

Here are few ways to combat the struggles traveling by airplane.

  • Don’t carry bags that are five to ten percent heavier than your body weight. Instead, have them checked in. Try to keep your carry on as light as possible.

  • To keep your back from aching during and after flying, keep your back as straight as possible. When sitting down on the airplane try to maintain the standard “s” curve of your spine. One way you can do this is by putting a pillow or blanket on your back while you sit.

  • To keep your muscles from tensing up, avoid sitting directly under the air controls. Cold air will cause your muscles to tense up.

  • To avoid your legs from cramping, massage your legs and calves. Massaging your legs and calves will improve your circulation. Another way is to move your legs in and out while sitting.

Traveling by vehicle.

Sitting for an extended period, especially in a car, can be painful to your back and body. You're trapped in a car with no way to stretch your legs. Your family and you will have uncomfortable body aches after long drives.

Here are some ways to prevent the aches and pains.

  • To reduce your legs from swelling and feeling fatigue, move your feet if you aren't driving. Open and close your toes if they start to feel tired. If your back begins to ache, roll your shoulders forward and backwards.

  • It's important to keep good circulation in your hands to prevent fatigued hands. If you are driving, don't hold your grip on the steering wheel too tight.

  • It's critically important to take breaks while driving for long periods. Stopping at a rest stop to stretch and walk around is great to keep the energy and muscles moving.

Whether you are visiting a close friend or flying to your parents house, it’s important to keep body moving to prevent aches. Following these traveling suggestions will keep your going during your trip. If you still are experiencing body aches after long drives, you will want to visit a chiropractor. They can realign your spine which will relieve the tension and pains in your back.



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