Updated: Is your mouse causing shoulder pain?

Technology plays a critical role in everyday life. It keeps people connected, makes shopping convenient and allows people to work remotely. However, did you know that it influences your posture? 

Those hours you spent looking down at your phone or in front of your computer screen affects your posture. The way you look down at your phone can cause you neck strains. Sitting in front of your laptop can also cause lower and upper back pains. 

Not to mention, those who work at a desk all day can develop shoulder pain from using a mouse. It is one of the most common issues that people who work at a desk struggle from. We want to give you some insight into how this shoulder pain occurs and how to solve it. 

Mouse shoulder

Before we dive into the mouse shoulder symptoms, let’s discuss what it is and how it can be developed. Mouse shoulder is a condition that refers to shoulder pain resulting from using a mouse with no arm support. 

This can result in feeling pain in your shoulder, neck or upper back. When you sit at your desk, clicking and constantly dragging it can cause repetitive strain injury (RSI).

 The main reason this occurs is your mouse is either placed too low or high, which forces you to outstretch your arms regularly. It is also a constant movement for the small muscles in your hand and fingers, which will get weary after a long time. 

The symptoms of mouse shoulder

  • Pain in the shoulder that uses the mouse 

  • Tight shoulders and upper back 

  • A numb or tingling feeling in your hand or wrist 

  • Your hand lacks strength 

  • Headaches 

How to relieve shoulder pain from using a mouse

Fix your sitting posture

Adjusting the way you sit at work is the first step to relieving and preventing shoulder pain. Experts suggest that you make sure your feet are flat on the ground and thighs are parallel to the ground. Also, be sure that your desk chair has good back support.

Make sure your elbows have support

To avoid a mouse shoulder, you should make sure that your elbows have support and are not outstretched from your body. Be mindful of where your hands and wrists are. They should be in line with your forearm. 

Hold your mouse correctly

The way you hold a mouse can also cause a mouse shoulder to occur. Experts suggest that you keep your mouse close within reach to avoid overstretching. When using a mouse, remember not to hold it so tight. Hold the mouse lightly and keep your hand relaxed.

Stretch and move regularly

In an environment that forces you to sit, it is essential to get up periodically and stretch. You can do hand stretches or shoulder rolls at your desk. Another suggestion is to get up and walk around the office every hour or take a walk to the bathroom. 

Visit a chiropractor

You are probably wondering how does chiropractic care work to help relieve mouse shoulder pain. Well, a chiropractor can adjust your back to improve your posture. By fixing your posture, you will sit better at your desk and prevent the mouse shoulder from occurring. Plus, a chiropractor can also give you stretches that you can do from your desk to help alleviate and prevent pain. 

Need a chiropractor? 

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