Is your mouse causing shoulder pain?

In today’s world technology plays a big part in our everyday lives. From checking our smartphones regularly, watching tv at home or being in front of a computer screen for eight hours. Have you ever wondered what this does for our posture?

If you sit at a desk all day and use a computer and mouse, you might develop mouse shoulder. This is most common for people who work at a desk, so if you know someone or you sit a desk at work, continue reading for tips on how to prevent this pain. 

What is mouse shoulder? 

Before we dive into the symptoms of mouse shoulder, let's discuss what it is and how it can be developed. Mouse shoulder is a condition that refers to shoulder pain as a result from using a mouse with no arm support. This can result in feeling pain in your shoulder, neck or upper back. 

When you are sitting at your desk, clicking and dragging constantly it can cause repetitive strain injury (RSI). A main reason this occurs is your mouse is either placed too low or high which forces you to outstretch your arms on a constant basis. It’s also a constant movement for the small muscles in your hand and fingers which will get weary after a long period of time. 


  • Pain in the shoulder that uses the mouse 

  • Tight shoulders and upper back 

  • Numb or tingling feeling in your hand or wrist 

  • Your hand lacks strength 

  • Headaches 

If you sit at a desk for eight hours, don’t worry there are ways to prevent this. Or if you are feeling pain, you can seek chiropractic care. Are you wondering, how does chiropractic care work?  Chiropractors will get to the root of your problems, they will take the time to understand your lifestyle and what causes your bad posture. They will also look at your posture then make any adjustments needed. Bad postures can be the reason for your daily discomforts, like headaches, muscle pain, tiredness and even poor digestion. 

You can adjust the way you sit at work, this plays a big role in the pain that you are feeling. Your feet should be flat on the ground and be sure that your thighs are parallel to the ground. Getting support for your lower back can make also make a huge difference. 

To avoid mouse shoulder, you should make sure that your elbows have support and are not out stretched from your body. Also, be mindful of where your hands and wrists are, they should be in line with your forearm. 

If this is possible, adjust your office space, make it an ergonomic way and keep your mouse in an area so you don’t have to reach for it. It’s also important that you are not holding your mouse with a death grip, relax and hold it lightly! 

In an environment that forces you to sit, it’s important to get up regularly and stretch. You can do hand stretches or shoulder rolls at your desk. Another suggestion is to get up and walk around the office every hour or take a walk to the bathroom. 

Aside from an adjustment there are more chiropractic services, so how does chiropractic care work? At Wisniewski Chiropractic we offer kinesio taping, cold laser therapy, massage therapy, extremity manipulation and more! Contact us today and find out for yourself how does chiropractic care work! 


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