Why is having good posture so important?

The month of May is National Correct Posture Month. During this month, professionals want to raise awareness about the importance of good posture and how having bad posture can affect your health. 

Our chiropractor Omaha NE professionals would like to share with you why sitting correctly can help keep you healthy. 

Importance of good posture

Posture is a position at which a person is at when sitting, standing or lying down. To have “good or proper posture,” a person’s muscles should equally support the body. 

Not having good posture can affect your health. When your body’s muscles are not equally supporting your body, it can put stress on your muscles and joints, causing fatigue and chronic pain. 

Ignoring your lousy posture can increase your chances of developing one of these health problems

  • Headaches and migraines 

  • Back and lower back pains 

  • Neck discomforts 

  • Heart diseases

  • Feeling anxious and stressed.

  • Low energy levels 

  • Gastrointestinal pain 

  • Sleeping problems. 

The causes of bad posture 

Improper posture can start from an injury, diseases, daily habits to even the amount of the time you spend using technology. For some individuals, it is not a single cause but a combination of these factors that lead to bad posture. Finding the cause of your posture can help professionals give you the correct treatment. 

Signs that you have bad posture

Sometimes when you are so used to the way you sit or stand, it can be hard to know that you have bad posture until you start feeling one of these health problems. Before you start questioning your posture, check yourself and see if you feel any of these signs relating to bad posture

  • Rounded shoulders 

  • Forward head posture 

  • Hunched back 

  • Headaches 

  • Back and neck pain. 

How can you fix your posture

Fix your working space

As more people start to work from home, they could be working from kitchen tables and living room floors every day. These working conditions do not offer your back the proper support it needs to keep a good posture. To fix this problem, create a proper workspace. Find a flat surface and a chair that keeps your back straight and feet flat on the ground. 

Improve your flexibility 

One way that you can fix your posture is by increasing your muscle flexibility. Exercising and working out can realign and correct your muscle imbalances. There are various stretches, exercises and yoga practices available online that you can do from home or outside. 

Limit your time on technology

The way and amount of time you spend on your phone, tablet or computer can be damaging your posture. For example, when you are looking at your phone, your neck is down and shoulders are hunched. If you are spending too much time in this position, it can start to affect your posture. Try to limit your time on technology. 

Visit a chiropractor 

A chiropractor Omaha NE professional can fix your posture with regular adjustments. They can realign your spine by doing this; they increase your range of motion, making it easier to sit or stand more appropriately. Plus, they can give you specific stretches to fix your bad posture and break bad habits. 

To start improving your posture, schedule your appointment with Dr. Wisniewski today!