Cold weather-related joint pain

The weather is changing, and your joints are starting to hurt, is it a coincidence or can your joints predict the weather? We’ve all heard it before. Your mom’s second cousin’s aunt says that the weather is changing which makes her knee hurt. Technically she isn’t wrong. Those who endure chronic pain are susceptible to feeling joint pain especially when the weather is changing. Find out why cold weather and joint pain are correlated and prevent and treat pain by booking an appointment with Wisniewski Chiropractic.

Cold weather and joint pain

Rain and temperature changes are common weather conditions that can cause joint pain. Those who endure chronic joint pain might be more susceptible to pain caused by a drop in barometric pressure. Barometric pressure is the measure of air pressure that is in the atmosphere. A low barometric pressure can cause nerves and tissues in your body to be more sensitive and swell. 


Muscles, tendons, and any scar tissue can expand which causes pain in the joints. You may notice more pain the more the temperature drops, this is due to your body trying to conserve heat by limiting blood flow. It limits blood flow to extremities as well as the heart and lungs. When it gets colder outside the fluids inside your joints also tend to feel stiff and more sensitive. Barometric pressure can also affect mood and cause headaches. This can cause you to feel tired, more lethargic, and more depressed. When you experience these symptoms the likelihood of exerting any energy or partaking in physical activity is low. 

How to prevent pain

You can’t change the weather, but there are proper precautions you can take to make the pain more bearable. Dressing in layers, taking warm showers or baths and staying active are all good ways to keep your body warm and alleviate pain. 

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