Could your pillow be causing neck and back pain?

Do you have a pain in your neck that just will not go away? If you do, you should see a chiropractor Omaha to help treat your constant pain. There can be many reasons for your pain and the main one is something that you use every day and night for multiple hours. If you guessed your pillow, then you are correct! 

Finding the correct pillow 

The first thing you should do is ask yourself, “am I sleeping on the right pillow?” A pillow supports your neck all night and can prevent any neck pain. Did you know that on average you should replace your pillow every 18 months? One quick test you can do at home is fold it in half and if it stays folded, it’s time to go shopping. 

It may come to a surprise, but not all pillows are created equal. First things first, determine if you are a back, side or stomach sleeper. If you are a back sleeper you want to look for a contour pillow because it has curves. You can choose from memory foam to soft or firm. The chiropractor Omaha suggests for back sleepers to keep a pillow underneath the knees to maintain a neutral spine throughout the night. 

For all you side sleepers, you want to look for a pillow that is about four inches thick so that your neck can keep its neutral position. The most popular pillows for side sleepers are Memory Foam Tempur-Pedic. Similar to back sleepers, you want to have a body pillow in between your knees to maintain a neutral spine. If you constantly wake up with shoulder pain, you can keep a second pillow behind you to lean on. Sleeping on your side causes pressure on your shoulder and can reduce blood flow so the second pillow will alleviate the pressure.

If you sleep on your stomach, it is best to sleep without a pillow! If you sleep with a pillow it can cause your neck to not be neutral. 

Chiropractic Pillows 

A chiropractic pillow is a pillow that is created to support your neck and keep a neutral spine while you sleep. Another name for this pillow is a cervical pillow. 

This pillow has an indentation in the middle, and the surrounding parts are more fluffy. If your pain is from whiplash, tension or you suffer from headaches this pillow can make a difference in your life. Each brand makes the pillow differently, but you can find popular pillow trends like memory foam and water. If you are not sure if this is the correct pillow for you, be sure to ask your chiropractor Omaha for advice. 

Got a new pillow and still having pain?! 

Another common reason for your neck pain could be stress. Your neck is what connects your body and head which is why it is so important that you take good care of it as it could cause problems in your future. Take the right steps to take care of your pain, you can get massage therapy or a chiropractic adjustment and remember to stretch every day! 

If you suffer from chronic pain, one thing to watch is your diet! There are foods that you can eat that promote pain relief. Try coldwater fish, turmeric, broccoli, pineapple, hot peppers, ginger and garlic. 

Don’t let pain be part of your everyday routine! Contact Wisniewski Chiropractic today, schedule your appointment and let’s start discussing ways to get rid of your pain.