How to Avoid Back Pain During the Colder Weather

Does the cold and snowy weather leave your back in constant pain? Or do you find yourself searching for what to do when your back goes out on the internet? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should be taking the necessary precautions to avoid this from happening this year. Our chiropractor West Omaha experts want to share with you why you might experience aches during the winter season. 

Why does your back hurt during the cold weather? 

The chilling temperatures and blistering winds can affect your back in painful ways. Scientists have discovered colder weather can cause your back to hurt. The reason you are feeling this pain is because your muscles, tendons and ligaments start to tighten with the cold and they support your back. As they start to contract together, it can begin to cause pain and swelling. Studies have discovered that workers who work out in the cold are more likely to feel pain in their back and neck than those who work indoors. 

How to avoid back pain during the colder weather

Bundle up 

There’s a reason why your mother always nagged you about bundling up. Staying warm during the colder temperatures can help prevent your back from hurting. When you’re only wearing a sweater in low temperatures, your body’s muscles will start to get stiff. This stiffening can lead you to feel aches. 

To avoid Googling what to do when your back goes out, you should bundle up when going out in the cold. If you know you’re going to be outdoors for long periods of time, wear extra layers and cover yourself from head to toes. When you’re working outdoors, be sure to take a break indoors and warm up. 

Maintain nutrition

When colder weather hits in the Midwest, there are fewer amounts of sunlight. The lack of sun can cause you to develop a vitamin D deficiency. This deficiency could lead you to develop back problems.

To prevent back pain during the colder weather, be sure to intake the appropriate amounts of vitamin D. You can talk to a nutrition professional to guide you on how much you should take. You can get your dose of vitamin D by eating seafood, egg yolk and mushrooms. You can also take vitamins to supplement your diet! 

Visit a chiropractor 

As the temperatures drop, you could notice that your muscles start to stiffen. Picking your kids up or getting out of bed can begin to feel uncomfortable. The cold weather constructs your muscles and makes you lose flexibility. It could leave you at risk of developing back pain.

Incorporating visits to the chiropractor will help lose your muscles and reduces the chances of you developing back pain. A chiropractor West Omaha professional will realign your spine and loosen those stiff muscles. 

Make the winter weather more enjoyable by following these suggestions to keep you back pain free. When you’re ready to visit a chiropractor, schedule an appointment with us! We can help you at realigning your back and answer your nutrition questions. 

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