Updated: How to avoid back pain during the cold weather

Back pain is a common problem among many Americans. Georgetown University found that 16 million Americans have recurring or chronic back pain. 

This pain can start or get worse with the winter months. Many of the activities and weather can affect your back. The good news is that you can solve it with proper care and prevent seasonal back pain from stopping you from enjoying these festive months.

Our chiropractor West Omaha professional is here to share why your back can hurt during the winter and how to prevent back pain. 

Reasons why you get seasonal back pain


One of the causes of your back problems during winter is your activities. For example, as it starts to get colder, you can find yourself living a more sedentary life. Inactivity causes the back to become stiff and weak. 

Shoveling snow 

If you live in Midwest states, you know how much of a struggle it is to shovel snow. The snow can be heavy and requires lots of repetitive motion. Shoveling can strain the discs in your lower back resulting in back pain. 

Lower temperatures

Another reason you can suffer from back pain is due to the cold weather. Lower temperatures cause the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to tense up when you are cold. This can put you at a higher risk of getting injured, especially when you are shoveling snow. 

Ways to prevent back pain during the cold weather

Wear extra layers

As stated above, one of the causes of back pain is feeling cold. To prevent any back issues, chiropractor West Omaha professionals recommend that you wear extra layers of clothing to stay warm. Wear a warm winter coat, hat and gloves when outdoors. If you work outdoors, be sure to take breaks and go indoors to warm up. 

Get your daily dose of vitamin D

Thanks to daylight saving, there are shorter days and longer nights. The lack of sun can cause you to develop a Vitamin D deficiency. This deficiency could lead you to develop chronic back pain. Be sure to eat plenty of food that is high in vitamin D like:

  • Orange juice 

  • Milk 

  • Mushrooms

  • Eggs

  • Tilapia

  • Salmon

  • Yogurt 

Get regular chiropractic care

One of the most effective ways to prevent back pain is to visit your chiropractor regularly. A chiropractor West Omaha professional can readjust your spine to reduce the tension and stiffness of your body’s muscles and tendons to avoid injuries. 

Stay active 

It can be tough to exercise in the winter. The cold weather can limit your outdoor workouts. However, staying active is one good way to prevent back pain. It reduces stiffness and prevents fibers to tear under stress. Try an at-home workout or stretch throughout the day.

Stretch before shoveling

As much as you wish you could skip shoveling snow, the chances are slim. To prevent back issues when shoveling snow, stretch beforehand. Stretching can warm up and loosen your muscles to reduce the risk of a back injury. 

See a chiropractor West Omaha professional

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