How dairy can help protect your back

Having a healthy balanced diet helps you maintain a healthy weight, increases your energy and even strengthens your back. Research has found that consuming sugary and fatty foods increases the risk of obesity, which contributes to back pain. 

One food that can keep you healthy and protect your back is dairy. In honor of National Dairy Month, our chiropractor Omaha NE professional wants to share some knowledge on how dairy protects your back. 

National Dairy Month

The month of June is National Dairy Month. This month is dedicated to celebrating dairy farmers and the dairy products we consume to stay healthy. The celebration of this month started in 1937 in the United States.

It was first created to help farmers sell dairy products during the hot weather. Throughout the years, it became a month dedicated to educating people about the benefits dairy has on your health. 

How dairy helps protect your back

Back pain is something that affects almost everyone. According to Georgetown University, nearly 65 million Americans state they have suffered from recent back pain. You could be working from a desk or lifting items all day, and back pain can occur. Many times those backaches can prevent you from doing what you love to do or even work. 

Visiting a chiropractor Omaha NE is an excellent option to relieve back pain. Aside from that, you can take steps to protect your back by eating healthy. One thing that can help prevent back injuries is dairy. Consuming the recommended dairy products can help keep your back strong. 

Dairy products are filled with calcium and protein that your body needs to support your back. Calcium is a nutrient that your body uses to build bone density and maintain it. Protein is a crucial ingredient for building bone matter and helps your body absorb calcium. In addition, protein promotes muscle growth that helps support your bones. 

How much dairy products should you consume in a day

Eating or drinking the recommended amount of dairy products in a day can help protect your bones and joints. You are probably wondering how much dairy should I be eating daily? Well, the ChooseMyPlate U.S. Department of Agriculture states that the amount of dairy products you should be consuming depends on your age. The average adult needs between two and three cups each day

Non-dairy alternatives

Whether you are vegan or cannot have dairy products, there are plant-based products that are a good source of calcium and protein. Here are some calcium-filled foods that MayoClinic recommends adding to your diet: 

  • Soy milk

  • Orange juice with calcium 

  • Kale, turnip and collard greens

  • Beans like garbanzos, kidney and canned beans

  • Papaya, oranges and dried figs. 

Need to visit a chiropractor Omaha NE?

If back pain is keeping you from doing what you love, it is time to visit a chiropractor. At Wisniewski Chiropractic, we can adjust your back to increase your range of motion and flexibility. Plus, we offer nutritional counseling to help you get a speedy recovery. Schedule your appointment.