Staying healthy for the new year

New year, NEW YOU! A new year is a new chance to avoid neglecting your health and nutrition style. Staying healthy should be a primary goal in life and be maintained on a regular basis.  The holidays could have lead to overeating and many other risks that may have had a negative effect on your body, creating a plan to have a healthy new year’s resolutions is the first step to a healthier year.

Control Overeating

Food is a significant part of life. The holidays were filled with family, people and lots of food. It could have lead to overeating. This new year avoid overeating by controlling how much you consume. Excess food can cause digestion trouble and other gastro refluxes. Always go for moderate food intake. Eat food slowly, your brain takes about 20 minutes to process and decide your belly is full.  Still, take in the minimum amount of food and never force yourself to eat more once you feel full.  Making a goal to drink more water will also help any digestion issues.

Visit the chiropractor

A healthy new year’s resolutions could include  the occasional visit to the chiropractor. A chiropractor will be able to boost your immune system and alleviate pain. When a chiropractor does some major work on your back, because your spine is the central control of the nervous system, it can help boost your immune system. A spinal manipulation session will not only improve your overall health but your immune system.

Indulge in activities

During holidays and into 2019, try to engage yourself in physical activities.  t Exercising helps you to reduce stress and divert your mind away from worries. Staying active helps you burn excess calories.

Take a massage

Holidays are meant for relaxation. If you are under stress and pressure, try to make time to enjoy  a massage. Massages are always a good option to help you relax. Different types of massages are available, your massage therapist can help you choose the best on for your needs.

Incorporate healthy food options.

Think again about stopping by a fast food place on the way home from work. Instead, incorporate take time to cook dinners. If you don’t know where to start, schedule an nutritional counseling appointment. A nutritionist  can help you plan out the proper foods that your body needs to keep you energized and keep a healthy new year’s resolutions. It’s important to keep a balanced lifestyle by eating the correct amounts of protein, essential fats, vitamins and minerals. With the correct diet your treatment can go by easier and prevent any musculoskeletal injuries.

We’re Wisniewski Chiropractic, part of the Thrive Wellness network. Nearing our third year in our current location, we’re excited to continue bringing you personalized care and support for your wellness journey. Dr. Wisniewski is an expert in chiropractic care. We believe in healthcare that relies less on medication and more on  prevention through the use of proper diet, exercise and patient education. Our chiropractic services follow a three-part plan: relieve your pain first, address the root cause, and make a plan for your future wellness.