How to relieve your lower back pain

Whether you work at a desk or lifting items in a warehouse eight hours a day, you can suffer from lower back pain. This type of back pain occurs in 10 percent of the world population. Plus, research has found that there is a rise in Americans suffering from lower back pain. That is why the chiropractor in Elkhorn NE professionals want to share the causes of lower back pain and how to treat it.

What is lower back pain?

When it comes to lower back pain, there are two types of pains: acute and chronic. Acute lower back pain is when there is a lower back pain lasting less than six weeks. On the other hand, chronic lower back pain is when the pain in your lower back lasts more than three months. 

Causes of lower back pain

The cause of acute and chronic lower back pain is different. Depending on the conditions or situations, an individual has gone through is what results in the development of these lower back pains. Here are some common causes of lower back pain

  • Injuries

  • Sprains 

  • Arthritis or another inflammatory disease 

  • Spondylosis 

  • Spinal nerve compression, inflammation and/or injury.

The risks of lower back pain

Even though anyone can suffer from lower back pain, some factors could increase the chances of developing lower back pain. These are some of those factors: 

  • Age

  • Weight gain 

  • Genetics

  • Mental health 

  • Work conditions

  • Active levels

  • Smoking. 

Lower back pain treatment 

Try ice and heat 

If you feel that your back goes out, relieve that pain with ice and heat. Experts suggest that you apply ice for no more than 10 minutes on a new injury for 24 to 48 hours. After those two days, you can use heat on the painful area. It is suggested that you do not apply heat right after an injury because it will cause your body to release more inflammatory compounds. 

Use CBD creams

Whether you hurt your back from a workout or lifting something heavy at work, for fast relief, try CBD products. These natural products can help relieve lower back pain by reducing inflammation in the targeted area. When purchasing, be sure to ask a chiropractor for the correct dose you should apply and for how long you should be using it. 

Start stretching 

One easy lower back pain treatment is simply stretching. Researchers have found that staying active and stretching is one way to relieve and prevent low back pain. Stretching before lifting heaving items or in between your breaks at work can reduce low back pain. 


If you are looking for an effective lower back pain treatment, visit a chiropractor. These professionals can help treat your lower back pain with spinal manipulation or an adjustment to reduce inflammation. Plus, they can realign your spine to help increase your body’s range of motion. 

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