What are rounded shoulders: updated

What are rounded shoulders?

One of the signs you have bad posture is rounded shoulders. Most people do not even know they have this condition until visiting a chiropractor in West Omaha professional because of shoulder and back pain. 

Can a chiropractor fix rounded shoulders? Luckily, there are signs you can look out for that indicate you have rounded shoulders, so a chiropractor can stop it in its tracks before it causes health problems. Dive into what rounded shoulders are and how a chiropractor in West Omaha can help. 

What causes rounded shoulders?

Rounded shoulders develop due to bad posture. You can develop this posture by spending long periods of time looking down at a screen with slumped shoulders. This position causes a lot of stress on your shoulders and neck, leading to neck and shoulder pain and a limited range of motion. 

Some activities that contribute to developing rounded shoulders are:

  • Using a smartphone or tablet 

  • Long periods of time on a computer or laptop

  • Living a sedentary lifestyle

  • Driving long commutes

  • Lifting and carrying items all-day

  • Bending over repeatedly

How to fix rounded shoulders?


If you find yourself struggling to fix your rounded shoulders, one step you can take to fix them is by retraining your shoulders. Hunching forward is a retrainable movement, at some point, your muscles were trained that this is a natural movement. Do stretches that help correct this issue and improve your posture. This can include exercises like: 

  • Lateral neck flexion

  • Chest doorway

  • Reverse shoulder and sculpture wall slides

Strengthen your back and shoulder muscles

Rounded shoulders can be caused by a weak upper back and shoulder blades. If you lack muscle in these areas, you might tend to slump your shoulders more often. Incorporating strength training exercises can help reverse and prevent rounded shoulders.

Can a chiropractor fix rounded shoulders?

There are a few tests that a chiropractor can do to diagnose rounded shoulders. They can evaluate a patient’s resting position when standing. Someone with rounded shoulders might slouch even when trying to stand up straight,

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