What to expect at your first chiropractic consultation

Going to one of the best Chiropractor in Omaha shouldn’t be something to be anxious about. It’s a time where you can express all the pains you’ve been feeling with a profession who will be able to answer all your questions and concerns.

For those who are new to the chiropractic world, we thought would lay down the process of what to expect. It won’t just be an appointment where your back gets cracked and that’s it! Here’s what you will expect.

1. The patient’s history.

Like in any consultation, you’ll need to fill out paperwork. These forms will ask you about your medical history and other information that will help with treatment. It’s best to respond with honesty to get accurate results.

A few examples of questions are:

  • Where do you feel the pain?

  • When did you start to notice the pain?

  • Is there a movement or activity that makes your pain increase?

  • Is the pain dull, sharp or burning?

  • Is the pain continuous or does it come and go?

  • Did your pain start after an accident?

2. Chiropractic exam

Although you’re seeing a chiropractor, you’ll need to go through different general tests. Blood pressure, reflexes, respiration and pulse, will likely be checked. 

3. Diagnosis and treatment.

This step is different for every patient. Your general and chiropractic exam results will determine your next steps. Some patients will require x-rays or MRIs depending the injuries. Most chiropractic offices have x-ray equipment.

The treatment will depend on the diagnosis. A unique treatment is created to alleviate the patient’s pains and injuries. The best chiropractor in Omaha will give you a timeline of your recovery journey.

Common questions that first time chiropractic patients ask:

Does it hurt?

When your adjustment starts, you’ll feel some pressure and force around the location of your pain. Most of the times there isn’t any discomfort from the actual procedures. By the end of the treatment you should have more motion back in the area of your discomfort.

Will I feel better after the chiropractic treatment?

Again, it all depends on your condition. For some people, they’ll feel like new after just one treatment while others require more treatment to get full motion back in their body.

One thing is for sure, you’ll feel better than how you did before your treatment. The body will feel relaxed and flexible when it’s aligned adequately though it’s important to note that this feeling won’t last too long. Your body requires time to readjust and stay in proper alignment. You’ll want to continue your chiropractic treatment!

If you need to get more answers about your first chiropractic visit contact one of the best chiropractors in Omaha. At Wisniewski Chiropractic, we’ll be able to answer all your questions and concerns regarding your consultation, treatment and recovery!


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