Why do people overeat during the holidays?

One of the happiest times of the year has arrived - the holiday season! No matter what holiday you celebrate, you can expect there to be tons of food. The problem with so much food around you might find yourself overeating. 

You want to avoid eating too much because it could leave you feeling tired and cause health issues down the road. Our nutritional counseling Omaha NE team wants to share some tips on how to avoid overeating during the holidays. 

Why do people overeat during the holidays? 

The holidays are filled with tons of food like sugar cookies, mashed potatoes and hot chocolate. It is no surprise that many people tend to overeat during this time. The holiday stress and busy schedules cause people to overeat. 

Do you find yourself more stressed during the holidays? This stress could be caused by deadlines, financial difficulties or relationship problems. Whatever the case, you might find yourself overeating. In fact, 26 percent of Americans overeat during the holidays due to stress

The second reason why people overeat is due to skipping meals. With the holiday rush, many people find themselves skipping meals. Not eating breakfast and lunch could cause you to binge eat in the evening. 

How overeating affects your health 

Just as beneficial as food can be to your body, it can also be harmful. Everyone needs food to power the body, but it starts to affect your body when it gets too much food. Aside from making you feel sluggish and drowsy, it can also cause health issues. Overeating can cause: 

  • Disrupt your hunger signals

  • Causes stomach problems

  • Gain unwanted weight

Tips to avoid overeating during the holidays 

Not skipping meals

From working to cooking meals, the holiday season is a busy time for many people. It could leave you running out the door and forgetting to eat breakfast. Then, during the evening, you could find yourself overeating. So if you want to avoid overeating this holiday season, be sure to have a healthy breakfast and lunch. 

Drink plenty of water

One easy way to prevent overeating is by drinking water throughout the day. Drinking the necessary cups of water can help reduce your hunger. Then, when dinner arrives, you do not find yourself stuffing your face. 

Using smaller plates 

Before you serve your holiday meal, take a look at the size of the plates. The bigger the dish, the more likely you are to overeat. The University of Cambridge reports that using larger plates tends to cause people to eat more. So during your holiday dinner, reach out for a smaller dish instead. 

See a nutritional counselor 

If you need additional information on avoiding overeating or developing a healthier lifestyle, see a nutritional counselor. A nutritional counseling Omaha NE professional can help you create a diet that targets your needs like healing an injury, managing a chronic disease or simply staying healthy.

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