Coping with chronic illnesses during the holidays

The holidays are considered to be the happiest time of the year. However, it might be a difficult time for people coping with chronic illness. Eating at a dinner table might seem impossible for those with certain conditions. At the same time, others might have a physical disability that would make traveling across town or country challenging. 

Explaining your condition to your friends and family is easier said than done and could leave them asking more questions. To make your holidays more enjoyable, our chiropractor Omaha NE team has rounded up some tips on coping with chronic illness. 

What is a chronic illness?

A chronic illness is a condition that lasts for one or many years that requires regular medical attention and can limit everyday activities. There are a variety of chronic diseases, but some of the most common include diabetes, heart disease and cancer. 

Coping with chronic illness during the holiday season

Come up with a plan of action 

Sometimes a condition requires you to take a specific action. Do not let this condition stop you from attending an event. Instead, create a plan ahead of when you should arrive at a party, what time you can take medication if you need certain things, or when you should leave the party. Talk to the party host about any accommodations you need or when certain activities will take place to plan out your evening. 

Take a day of recovery

The holidays are stressful, and just about everyone will more than likely agree with that. You might have deadlines piling up at work, parties to attend, presents to buy, and parents visiting during this time. It can be overwhelming for anyone, especially those living with a chronic illness. 

The best thing to do is plan a recovery day after your events. It can be a day of absolute silence, getting a massage or sitting in your room all day. No matter what self-care and recovery look like for you, plan for it. This time alone can be your way to get ready for the next round of holiday parties and festivities. 

Avoid alcoholic beverages

The holidays are about fun, celebration, and being with those you love, but a major part includes alcoholic consumption. A study has found that the average American doubles their alcoholic consumption over the holidays than other times of the year

For those with a chronic illness during the holidays, it can be difficult not to drink alcohol or be peer pressured into drinking. However, drinking alcohol can worsen chronic conditions. A solution that can help is bringing your own sparkling cider, non-alcoholic beer and other options for those who cannot drink due to medication or illnesses. 

Schedule a chiropractic appointment 

Before or after your holiday parties, you should see a chiropractor. This professional can help relieve any pains from your chronic illness so you can enjoy the parties more happily. Or, if a party leaves you feeling anxious, a chiropractor can help you feel relaxed and boost your mood. Before scheduling your appointment, be sure to tell your chiropractor Omaha NE professional about your chronic condition so they can make adjustments. 

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