Is your wrist hurting from typing?

Today’s technology has made it capable for people to work on a computer. It has come in handy during this pandemic when people had to work remotely. As much as it is helpful, it has also led to many people having problems. 

One growing problem that many people face from working on computers is wrist pain. A survey found that 60 percent of office workers suffer from wrist pain while working on a computer. This kind of problem could limit their productivity at work. 

Our chiropractor Omaha NE professionals want to share some insight into what causes wrist pain and some solutions on how to stop wrist pain from typing

Wrist pain

Although working on a computer all day could seem harmless, it can be hazardous. The repetitive motions for long hours each day strain your wrist and fingers’ muscles, tendons and nerves. This kind of pain could feel similar to the chronic pain that an athlete might suffer.

Symptoms that accompany wrist pain: 

Those who suffer from wrist pain while typing could feel these symptoms

  • Sharp pain

  • Swollen fingers 

  • Numbness in the hands

  • Redness around the wrist 

  • Warmth in the joint of the wrist

The cause of wrist pain while typing includes

  • Wrist injury 

  • Arthritis

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome 

  • Cubital tunnel syndrome 

How to stop wrist pain from typing

Improve your posture

The way you sit at your desk at the office or home impacts your wrists heavily. You are sitting on average, eight hours a day, in the same position. It is advised to sit at a desk. If you do not have a desk at home, try purchasing one. 

When at your desk, sit at a 90-degree angle with feet flat on the floor. Be sure that your screen is at a high level, and your neck is not down. Ensure that the desk chair you are sitting on has back support. This will help you keep your wrists from dropping. 

Be cautious of your wrist position

The position of your wrist is critical to prevent wrist pain. Typing with your wrist and arms hitting the table leads to wrist discomforts. Avoid letting your wrist touch your laptop or desk. When typing, keep your hands up high in level with your elbow. Do not rest your arms on the chair. 

Take little breaks throughout the day

Making the same motion every single day can be tiring on your hands. One effective way on how to stop wrist pain from typing is to take a break and make another motion with your hands. Keeping your hands moving in different positions can help stretch them. Try to file papers, grabbing some water or packing things in a box. 

See a chiropractor

If you have noticed your wrist coming to a consistent pain, visit a chiropractor. A chiropractor can root the problem that is causing you discomfort in your wrist. Realignment can be performed to reduce the tension in your wrist that is causing that sharp pain. This professional can also advise you to fix your posture or stretches that can help ease the pain. 

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